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Thread: Korkis Korner: EPCOT Center's First October

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    Korkis Korner: EPCOT Center's First October

    EPCOT Center's First October by Jim Korkis

    Jim looks back at the days leading up to the park's opening day.

    Read it here!

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    Nice article! Just a note, though; it's "Eastman Kodak", not "Eastman-Kodak".

    Powers &8^]

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    Thanks for the excellent article, Jim - looking forward to future editions. I have to mention that I've always been a bit ticked off at statements like this -

    “A few miles from the Magic Kingdom—and beyond the boundaries of imagination—Walt Disney's greatest dream is becoming reality,” announced the advertising.
    While E.P.C.O.T. the park is my favorite of the Disney parks, it is in no way the realization of Walt Disney's greatest dream. We all know that what Walt was dreaming about was absolutely NOT another theme park. I just hate it when the company tries to glom onto the idea that what they built matches what Walt wanted.
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