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Thread: Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland January 2011

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    Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland January 2011

    Travel dates: 29th - 30th January 2011
    Travel method: By Car
    Resort:The Gleneagles Hotel, Auchterarder, in the heart of Scotland near Perth
    Accommodations:Sovereign room

    Cast of characters:

    Mummy - Kerry
    Daddy - John
    Ross and Owen at home with my mum and dad ( child free !!)

    I surprised John with a weekend away to Gleneagles to celebrate his 40th birthday (2nd february 2011).

    Gleneagles is a 5 star hotel and we had a wonderful time, John was so surprised. I gave him an invitation that i'd made on the computer when he came home from work last night.

    Click here to visit Gleneagles website

    Mum and Dad came up at 10am to look after the boys and Rufus. We set off shortly afterwards and had a nice journey. We stopped at Ball/ grill ( our usual holiday food stop destination!) for lunch.

    I had a lovely cheese and mushroom omelette with fries and peas. John had a cooked breakfast.

    We drove around P/th and Auchter/der then went to Gleneagles at 3pm. It's a lovely hotel!
    Our receptionist took us to our room which was a Sovereign room which was lovely.

    In the afternoon we went for a walk around the hotel grounds and the maze. Then we went to the swimming pool and had a lovely time. We swam for a while then went outside to the hot pool. We've never been outside in a pool in the middle of winter before but it was lovely to feel the cold air on our shoulders and be in the lovely hot water.We then went to the sauna which was lovely as it had a screen with "swimming fish" and sounds of the rainforest inside the sauna. After we went into the steam room which had a nice perfumed smell.

    Back into the swimming pool then out again to the hot water pool before we headed back up to our room.

    I phoned home at 7pm and spoke to my mum, dad and the boys which was lovely.

    We went out for our meal at 8.30pm to the Strathearn Restaurant.
    The Strathearn

    This is Gleneagles' two rosette award winning restaurant with magnificent views across the estate. The service is stylish and the food is from a classical era.

    Served from 7.00pm until 10.30pm

    Argyll Class A
    Organic Jersey Rocks from Rossmore
    Loch Ryan Natives - supplement 8.50

    Oak smoked Loch Duart
    Marrbury smoked
    Gravadlax - honey mustard - dill bannock

    Princesse dIsenbourg - Sevruga 30g - supplement 150.00
    Mottra sustainable - Osetra or Sterelet 28g - supplement 85.00

    Dressed crab Gleneagles style - mustard cress
    Whole seasonal melon - tangerine sorbet - Grahams LBV port
    Spiced pineapple carpaccio - home cured leg of Cumbrian ham
    Classic Scotch steak tartare - pommes allumettes

    Seared foie gras - gingerbread - Sauternes wine
    Hand dived scallops - baked in shell - Parmesan glaze I had this
    Sauted pigeon - bacon wafer - wild mushrooms - thyme
    Half Scottish lobster - grilled - garlic butter - supplement 20.00

    Cream of pumpkin soup - herb dumplings - basil foam
    Smoked haddock - potato - leek - Arran mustard
    Cock-a-Leekie - chicken - prunes - pearl barley John had this

    Classic Caesar
    Humphrey Errington blue cheese - roquette - walnut
    Heritage tomato - pea sprouts - aged balsamic - basil

    Wild sea bass - slow cooked fennel - crab risotto cake - bisque sauce
    Steamed halibut fillet - pea pure - pommes allumettes
    Monkfish Osso Bucco - pancetta - foie gras - paprika - crme frache
    600g whole Dover sole - grilled or pan fried - supplement 25.00
    750g Scottish lobster Thermidor style or simply grilled - pilaf rice - supplement 40.00
    Creel caught Scottish prawns - aniseed - Paris mushrooms -
    shallots - parsley - prepared at the table - supplement 30.00

    Scotch lamb - loin - shoulder - haggis - fondant potato - whisky jelly
    Evening roast carved from the trolley
    Braised cheek of Scotch beef Bourguignonne style - horseradish mousseline
    St Brides chicken - boudin - sherry wine jus
    Highland venison - sweet potato gratin - wild mushroom ragout
    Steak Diane prepared at the table - supplement 15.00

    28-day aged Scotch beef on the bone
    Chteaubriand garni - pont-neuf potatoes - (for 2)
    200g fillet 200g sirloin i had the sirloin steak 250g rib-eye

    Three Scottish lamb cutlets John had this

    All the grills are served with portobello mushrooms, vine tomatoes, pont-neuf potatoes and sauce choron, Caf de Paris butter

    Sage gnocchi - roast pumpkin - butternut squash - roquette - pine nuts
    Crottin de Chavignol tart - polenta - slow roast vegetables

    All dishes are garnished. However, should you wish
    additional seasonal vegetables, the following are available

    Sharpes Express potatoes Hand cut chips
    Red Rooster saut - Lyonnaise Mousseline potatoes Broccoli hollandaise
    Roast organic carrots and parsnips
    Spinach nature Spinach la crme

    Clementine mousse - cinnamon macaroons - cranberry ice cream
    Flavours of rhubarb - sorbet - crumble - fool
    Valrhona Nyambo chocolate fondant - salted caramel ice cream (prep. time 15 mins) We both had this
    Crpe Suzette - supplement 10.00
    Roast banana bombe Alaska - butterscotch sauce (for 2)
    Madagascan vanilla brule - spiced pineapple - candied coconut
    White chocolate parfait - paillet feuilletine crunch - sour cherry confit
    Classic tarte tatin - Calvados anglaise - clotted cream ice cream (for 2)

    Our selected cheeses are sourced and matured to perfection by Alastair Clark and his team, these reflect what we feel to be the best available for the current season

    Cows milk
    AIKET Ayrshire, Southern Scotland bloomy rind, soft and mild pasteurised
    ADMIRAL COLLINGWOOD North East England - semi soft and succulent
    LANGRES Champagne - Ardenne, France soft, washed rind, rich and creamy
    ANSTER St Andrews, East Scotland firm and crumbly
    JURA SUISSE Jura, Switzerland firm, smooth and unctuous
    BADENTOY BLUE Deeside, North East Scotland soft and blue pasteurised
    MULL CHEDDAR Tobermory, Isle of Mull hard and strong

    Ewes milk
    WIGMORE Berkshire, England semi soft and creamy
    PERSILLE DU MALZIEU Languedoc South East France - strong and blue

    Goats milk
    VALENCAY AOC - Central France ashed, delicate and mildly goaty
    TOMME DE LARIEGE - Southern France soft, rinse washed and nutty

    COFFEE 5.00
    served with cocoa dusted velvet truffles - candied fruit fudge

    Gaelic, Irish, Brandy, Baileys

    Food and wine matching rarely is as obvious as with sweet wines.
    Whether it is with foie gras to start or as a companion to your desserts
    or cheese at the end of your meal

    Prices shown below are per 125ml Glass

    VEUVE CLICQUOT, Demi Sec 10.00
    MUSCAT DE BEAUME DE VENISE, M. Chapoutier, Rhne, 2009 - 11.00
    BANYULS, M. Chapoutier, Rhne, 2006 - 14.50
    DEEN VAT 5, Botrytis Semillon, De Bortoli, Australia, 2006 - 10.50
    MUSCAT BLANC, Avondale Estate, Paarl, South Africa, 2006 - 10.00
    MUSCAT ROUGE, Avondale Estate, Paarl, South Africa, 2006 - 10.00
    EISWEIN, Fischer, Austria, 2005 - 10.00
    CLOS DYVIGNE, Saussignac, 2003 - 18.00
    CHATEAU DYEUM, 1er Cru Class Superieur, 1995 - 50.00

    Port wine is like heaven. The balance of sweetness and alcohol combined with a well
    structured body and complexity. Good Port lasts forever and gets
    smoother and richer year after year. Port is classical with blue cheese like Stilton, but lighter cheese and chocolate favour his company as well.
    Port is just the perfect traditional after dinner drink

    By the Glass 50ml or 100ml
    NIEPOORT, 10 Year old Tawny - 6.00 (50ml) 12.00 (100ml)
    COCKBURNS, Quinta Dos Canais, 2007 - 8.25 (50ml) 16.50 (100ml)
    TAYLORS, Quinta de Vargellas, 2001 - 7.00 (50ml) 14.00 (100ml)
    GRAHAMS, Late Bottle Vintage, 2003 - 5.75 (50ml) 11.50 (100ml)
    GRAHAMS, Malvedos, 1999 - 8.75 (50ml) 17.50 (100ml)

    By the Glass 25ml or 50ml
    MACALLAN 1976 - 150.00 (25ml) 300.00 (50ml)
    MACALLAN 1967 - 200.00 (25ml) 400.00 (50ml)
    MACALLAN 1969 - 175.00 (25ml) 350.00 (50ml)

    I had Shiraz with my meal and John had a beer.

    After our lovely meal we went to the bar and i had another glass of shiraz (14 per glass !!!) and then a beer. John had a couple of beers.

    Sunday 30th January

    We both had a good night's sleep then went for breakfast at 9.30am

    Strathearn Breakfast Menu

    Served from 7.30am until 10.00am weekdays
    7.30am to 10.30am Saturday and Sunday

    All room rates at Gleneagles include breakfast.

    Breakfast may be either taken at the buffet or one of our team will be very pleased to serve you at your table.

    Breakfast is a meal of a bygone era, but here at Gleneagles in the
    tranquility of the Perthshire countryside we would like to suggest otherwise.


    Our traditional Scottish breakfast is an array of the very best of
    Scotlands seasonal larder and heritage, Scotch pancakes, stone baked breads, Aberdeen butteries, organic bread toasted and served with Tweedside honey, Scottish strawberry and raspberry jams, Marrbury smoked salmon from Dumfries or a more traditionally smoked salmon - Loch Duart salmon
    smoked by George Campbell and his sons.

    As part of Gleneagles support of Perthshire Big Tree Country, you can enjoy
    a glass of Cairn O Mohr Apple Juice with breakfast. This delicious juice is
    produced from a traditional variety of apple harvested in orchards at nearby Carse of Gowrie that have been saved and restored by the project, which aims to conserve and protect Perthshires heritage trees.

    Or choose locally reared pork and beef sausages with Ayrshire cured bacons,
    free range eggs from Highsmithston Farm, smoked haddock from Arbroath
    and the very best selection of seasonal Scottish soft fruits.

    Our relaxed informal but professional service helps you to browse around the market place of food and choose at your leisure and dine at the pace you wish. The breakfast buffet in The Strathearn Restaurant is an experience in its own right and one to savour.

    Alternatively if you wish to sample some of our Classic Dishes,
    which are freshly prepared in the kitchen and served to the table, please feel free to order your selection with one of our service team members.


    Traditional Scots porridge or creamy porridge with Drambuie
    laced raspberries
    Orkney kipper with lemon and melted butter
    Omelette Arnold Bennett - smoked haddock and Mull cheddar cheese
    28 day aged Scotch beefsteak with Portobello mushrooms, free-range egg,
    vine tomatoes and Rooster potatoes
    Finnan haddock and poached eggs
    Free range egg white omelette with summer peas and potatoes
    Traditional French toast on its own or with cinnamon stewed apples
    and sultanas
    Free-range eggs cooked to your liking
    Waffles with blueberries and Chantilly cream
    Marrbury hot smoked salmon and poached egg kedgeree
    Fried duck eggs with dry cured back bacon


    Freshly brewed Gleneagles Blend coffee
    Espresso, Latte, Macchiato, Cappuccino
    Fruit, green and herbal infusions
    Newby English breakfast or Earl Grey tea
    Champagne, Bucks Fizz or Drambuie Fizz
    Frozen Smirnoff Red vodka Bloody Mary and Virgin Mary

    Breakfast was served in the Strathearn restaurant.

    I had 2 types of bacon, steak sausages, whisky cured smoked salmon, eggs benedict, potato scone, mushrooms, scrambled eggs with mushrooms and fish pie! I also had fresh orange juice which was served at the table and tea and toast.

    There were quite a few shops in Gleneagles and i bought mum and dad some gleneagles milk and dark chocolate and a magnet of the hotel. I got 2 magnets for our fridge also, one of the hotel in the summer and one in the winter with lots of snow. I bought Ross & Owen 2 large gleneagles chocolate coins.

    We had a good journey home and arrived back at 2pm.

    Here are our photos

    Please sign our guestbook on our family website

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