Ladies and gentlemen, moms and dads, boys and girls, and Hatters of all ages! T-Time is coming soon to Disney California Adventure park! The party is almost ready the decorations are going up and, the invitations have been sent and, of course, we are preparing the most wondiferous music your ears have ever heard! Its almost time to let the Futterwacken begin!
But first, let me share with you a little about the music

Our Mad T Party band will rock out each night, their playlist overfizzing with a multitude of party favorites, both old and new. In fact, the Mad Hatter has put together a list of songs from Bruno Mars to the Beatles from Maroon 5 to Prince and from Gwen Stefani to Lady Gaga! These are songs that invite you to Just Dance Raise Your GlassGo Crazyand show off your Moves Like Jagger!
You wont want to miss the fantabulous Mad T Party band as they invite everyone to join in for the most fuminous T-Time ever!!
But thats not all! Whenever the band is offstage, some of the most popular DJs around will kick up the party with their own special brand of musical magic!

Throughout the summer, taking on the role of the White Rabbit DJ will be Jason Jass, Michael Paul, Adam Auburn, Mi$$y B, David Bullock and Wendy Walker!!
These talented DJs will serve up the maddest mixes of muchness the most popular tunes the latest dance hits and the best beamish beats that will make you bonkers but, Ill tell you a secret: all the best people are!
Well, the clock is ticking; we have much more to do in order to prepare a party as grand as this one! We have to secure the Rabbit Hole, stack the House of Cards, and find the Hatters hat! So much has been done, and theres so still much to do. Mad T Party is coming, and we hope to see YOU! Oh, and dont forget, HATS are always welcome when you show up for T!
Sharing the Splendiful Sounds of the Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure Park by Robin Trowbridge: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog