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Thread: Sea world/San diego zoo

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    Sea world/San diego zoo


    We are going to California for 8 days and spending 5 in DL and the rest in san diego.
    Does anyone have any good tips to tackle sea world and the zoo?
    We are going to these Dec. 7 and 8 th with a 2.5 year old.
    I have heard the zoo is huge and lots of walking but it will be worth it as our daughter loves animals!


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    also has anyone done Adventure City by Disneyland? Its a park for kids under the age of 5 apparently. We were thinking of doing a few hours there too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkllewis View Post
    also has anyone done Adventure City by Disneyland? Its a park for kids under the age of 5 apparently. We were thinking of doing a few hours there too!
    We haven't been there, but we have friends who go every year. (AC is a regular field trip for the homeschool group for our church.) They don't really like it (even though the price is right) and prefer DL or Knott's (depending on the ages of their kids) -- but they did say that they thought it was a good thing for families who can't afford DL or Knott's. The only friends who really like AC are the ones who've never been to DL.

    As for the SD Zoo, we haven't been there in a while, but I remember it was rather hilly -- so make sure to have a stroller and to be in good shape! The mornings were better when we last took our nephews -- many animals were more active. And the boys really enjoyed the hippo exhibit.

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    Just a thought, since your daughter likes animals, you might want to check out the Santa Ana Zoo. It is a small, quiet zoo, not far from DL. Some of our friends enjoy visiting the SA Zoo as an inexpensive break from DLR -- the kids have space to run around and the quietness is a nice break from the DLR excitement.

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    Oh, forgot to add, since you will be visiting in December, Santa's reindeer should be at the Big Thunder Ranch Petting Zoo (sadly, you don't get to pet the reindeer). Santa and Mrs. Claus are usually in the little house in the back of that area. Your daughter may enjoy watching the reindeer and seeing the Christmas decorations.

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    I love the SD Zoo, but it is a lot of walking. And there are a few hills. They do have some trams as I recall and I know that you will have a stroller. I also love Sea World. It's pretty easy and not much to "tackle" there. I would just look at the park map ahead of time and see where her interests are because there is a lot to see. The shows are all great! Really good. I've enjoyed all of them. I know they have a Dine with Shamu. I think it's about $40. It might be a good way to get a show and a meal at the same time

    Adventure City is a nice little place, but I would say that I think it unnecessary considering all the other activities that you are doing. Honestly, I don't think you will like it after being at the DLR.

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    We purchased the southern cali pass so they are both included which is nice. I will definitely take that suggestion and map out what we want to see at the zoo i have been told that by a few people, especially with a toddler! Thanks guys!

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    It's been eons since I've been to Sea World - but what I recall most about it was if you wanted to maximize the shows you could see, you really need to map them out first thing with the schedule for that day. And don't forget 'getting out of the stadium' time and walking time when deciding if you can make two that are closely timed.


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