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Thread: Yacht Club check in and door decorating

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    Yacht Club check in and door decorating

    Does anyone know if it's okay to put your own tasteful 50th birthday banner/poster on your hotelroom door? I thought of leaving a marker (the kids kind that won't write on walls) with it for people to wish me a happy birthday.
    Also, if I use the online check in, when I go to the lobby counter and they hand me my check in packet do you think I can still ask for an upgrade? Sometimes I've gotten them if I ask and it's not busy or I it's a special occasion. I guess what I'm asking is; Am I ruining my chances of an upgrade with online check in as opposed to counter check in?

    Thanks for all your help!

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    To me, if you do online checkin, you are pretty much should be prepared to take what you are given. If you want to talk to a CM about room location or see what can be done about an upgrade, you should bypass the online check in process.

    As for door decorating, Im not sure if its not allowed or if its just something that is not really encouraged. I recall that there was some sort of concern regarding clean up of the decorations and the like. Hoping someone else might have some additional info/experience.

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    At value and moderate resorts I've used magnetic printer 'paper' to make decorations for my door (like they allow on the cruise ships). Don't know about other things (including tape) and I especially have no info about the deluxes.

    I think I'd feel really funny writing a birthday message to a total stranger without being specifically asked by a friend of the birthday celebrant.

    And I agree with GusMan - if you're hoping for an upgrade or ANYTHING specific wrt room location - I'd forgo online check in. (I think the one time my sister and I used it they TOTALLY messed up the charging of it (I'd put the deposit on my card, she way paying the balance at check in on her card - that REALLY confused their system.))




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