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Thread: Traveling with 1 baby!

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    Traveling with 1 baby!

    Does anyone have any tips for taking a baby to Disneyland, we are first time parents taking a 7 month old. We are lucky enough that everyone wanted to come to celebrate my first Mother's day with me so we have like 14 people total. So lots of helping hands atleast. I feel overhelmed with knowing how much to pack.


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    Must have would be a front carrier like a Baby bjourn. Baby can stay in it in lines and even on rides if they're facing forward. Also make use of baby swap.

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    Traveling with 1 baby!

    I didn't like having my baby in the carrier so I would say that is personal preference. I would make sure to have a couple of outfits, a hoodie for the evening, lots of snacks. Make sure to go to the baby care center. It is a great place to change them and clean them up. If you are nursing you can go in there and have some privacy. If you are doing bottles they have good water for bottles. They will even fill up regular water bottles.

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    Rider Swap:
    Obviously you have a lot of help, but I'm sure you still want to ride something more thrilling than Small World. The rider swap passes will allow you and another guest to enter a ride through the FP queue after the rest of your party has ridden. This is nice when you have a group as someone gets to ride twice.
    Getting the passes can be tricky as sometimes the policy is not followed correctly. The policy is that tou are supposed to approach the line with your group and let them see the non-riders (such as you and the baby). Then the CM is supposed to give you a special cardstock pass that has printed information about the ride and the rider switch policy. However, sometimes they won't give you one and will tell you instead to ask before you board. On Thunder Railroad they have always told us to ask for the pass right before boarding the ride. For other rides though, it seems to vary. It can be irritating because you have to remember to ask.
    Once your party is in line, you are free to do what you wish. You can sit and rest, feed baby, etc. You can even go on other rides if you wish. The passes usually suggest other attractions to visit while waiting. You do not have to bring the baby with you to use the pass (only to get one). So if grandma and grandpa take your little one back to the hotel for an early night (or a nap), you and your husband could use the pass then to ride together. They do not have times or dates printed on them. You are supposed to use them on the day they are given to you. The passes are a different color Monday-Thursday, and Friday-Sunday, but other than that nothing denotes they day you got the pass.

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    Thanks so much for all the tips, althought in a lot of ways I feel prepared I am nervous last time we did an over night he was only 3 months old and a lot less mobile and such so we didnt really need to take all that much ect. and it was to a family friends so this 6 hr road trip is a little intimidating for the first time but I am soo very excited to take my little one!

    Bumblebeeonarose Thanks so much for all the details I have heard of ride swapping but no clue how it worked I appreciate your explanation

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    One tip is to utilize the baby care center. The one at Disneyland is at the castle end of Main Street on the right hand center. The one at DCA is by the Pacific Wharf area. This is a great place to use for feedings and changes.

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    I'm going to move this to the Parenting in the Parks forum - there's LOTS of good threads in there, and links to articles posted on MousePlanet that might be of aid to you as well. (If you expand the date range shown, you'll see even more threads and links!)


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    I highly recommend bringing a good comfortable carrier. I have an Ergo carrier that is very comfortable. The Beco and Olives and Applesauce carriers are really good too. You can wear your son on the front and back with these. My son loves riding on my back because he can see everything. He often falls asleep in it too which is nice. If you dont want to spend that much on a carrier you can rent one from Just make sure you contact them right away so you have enough time to get it before your trip (she is in so. ca so you might even be able to pick it up). He probably isnt eating a lot of solid food just yet but I would stick as close to what his normal diet is as possible to avoid any tummy trouble. On our last trip our 2 year old had some issues from eating more junk food than normal.


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    My first child could not contend with baby carriers, front or back, until he was about 8 months and could go in one of those ruck sack type things on his dad's back so I think the mode of transport is very child specific. My second child could do hours in a sling type contraption. She walked at 14 months, unwillingly! and he ( first child), walked with purpose at 9. I think what I am
    Saying is that you need to plan how you manage this around how your baby, not anyone else's baby, is. Feed them when they are uses to been fed, let them sleep when they are used to sleeping and take the most advantage possible of your 14 supporters! As for the nightmare of packing I suggest you work out what you need per day as that is less daunting, then just x it by the number of sleeps and add plus one of everything for every day. If you run out there are shops! Good luck. I remember France with a 10 month old. It went much better than I thought it would


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