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Thread: Bay Lake Tower - convertible chair

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    Bay Lake Tower - convertible chair

    We are thinking of staying in a 2 BR villa at BLT and will have a pretty full house. The convertible "twin" chair in the living room would be perfect for our daughter who will be around 3 1/2 when we go. My concern is that if people want to hang out in the living room and she needs to go to sleep, whether that location will work. How feasible would it be to try and move the "bed" into the Master BR? Would it even fit through the doorway? Is it heavy - we'll have two grown men who can probably lift it. Not sure if we would even go this route, but curious if it would be an option. Thanks!


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    Sleeper chair is kind of wide and heavy. Not sure you could get it around the dinette and get it through the bedroom door. Worth a try. If not maybe you could put her down in the master bedroom and move her to the sleeper chair in the LR when everyone else turns in for the night. Or hang out on the balcony. There is a window in the door and you could keep an eye on her.

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    We moved the sleeper chair from the living room to the bedroom at Kidani Village in January so all of the girls could sleep together the night before the WDW Half.

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    How light of a sleeper is she? The easiest solution would simply be to let her fall asleep in the bedroom and then move her back to the sleeper chair when everyone else is ready to go to bed. I know at that age my kids would have slept through being moved, especially if they were told in advance that it was going to happen.

    Of course, at that age my kids would also have preferred to sleep in the same room as Mommy and Daddy, so if you are sleeping in the Master bedroom she might prefer it if the chair was in there with you.



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