As you probably know by now, pink is my favorite color. But, yesterday I let go of the fabulous fuchsia colors I normally wear and went with a beautiful green frock in honor of Earth Day. Besides simply changing my clothing choice, I became a vegan two years ago and although my carnivorous family doesnt exactly love my food choices (and like clockwork, they head for the closest steakhouse when I travel for business), we make sure to turn off lights when we leave a room and turn off the water while we brush our teeth. Its not a lot, but we feel that every little bit helps.

There are lots of ways to help teach our kids about conservation and protecting our Mama Earth, and one of our Walt Disney World Moms Panel Moms loves to think of new and innovative ways to celebrate Earth Day every day. Stacy Cacciatore has a few tips from her family about how they became more Earth-friendly after being inspired at Disney Parks.
When my family took the Behind the Seeds at Epcot tour, it was amazing to learn about some of the ways that Disney is eco-friendly, Stacy says. I thought it was really impressive that the foods grown at the Living with the Land attraction are actually used in the Sunshine Seasons restaurant there.

Stacy says the tour helped introduce her kids (aged nine and five) to new things, like eating more veggies. They saw the cucumber shaped like Mickey Mouse and now thats all they want to eat!
I am always trying to teach my kids where food comes from and keep them healthy, Stacy says. We grow tomatoes, basil and onionall ingredients for pizza! Its a hands-on approach and teaches them so many things about gardening, measuring, and science in the process.
Planting these plants in container gardenswhere plants grow in small containers instead of the groundis a low-maintenance approach for busy moms and dads, and it’s really easy for kids to put together, Stacy says.
Another project Stacy likes to do with her kids is recycling, and specifically upcycling.
Upcycling is when you take something like a Gatorade bottle and transform it into something useful, like a hummingbird feeder, Stacy says. We save cardboard paper towel rolls and then use them to do crafts. The kids get really into it, and were doing something to help recycle items in a fun way.
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Moms Panel Monday: Go Green with New Panelist Stacy Cacciatore by Laura Spencer: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog