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Thread: SoCal Ticket -- Proof of Residency

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    SoCal Ticket -- Proof of Residency

    For the socal tickets, what is needed as a proof of residency? I ask because my son will be starting at UC Riverside in the fall and will be living in the dorms. I am sure he won't change the address on his license to the dorm address. Will his UC Riverside student ID be enough to show proof of residency?

    If he is going to go to school seven hours away, I may as well get cheaper Disney tickets out of it!

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    I don't know if his school will have them but when my niece was going to CSUN she could buy discounted tickets on campus for local theme and amusement parks. Knotts, Disneyland, Six Flags and some water parks and other touristy type things. His school might offer the same?

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    I went to UCR and they had discount tickets for all of the theme parks. I got Disney tickets at least twice. He'll get them at the Exchange Store. I was able to buy for my family as well. Here's the link for their ticket prices.

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    Those prices are a saving off a regular ticket. At the UCR Exchange Store a two day park hopper is $159 whereas it would normally be $173; however, compare that to the SoCal price of $114. Granted the SoCal tickets are going to have restrictions, but I still wonder if his UCR ID will be good enough as proof of residency should we ever want to get the SoCal tickets. I do understand that we could get the tickets and never be challenged for proof, but don't think I would want to do that.

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    at most, they might ask what his zip code is, but in general, they don't really ask for proof of residency for these tickets.

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    SoCal Ticket -- Proof of Residency

    I've bought them with a USC ID before. Maybe just call the ticket office and ask?

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