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Thread: How do I get a signature countdown timer?

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    How do I get a signature countdown timer?

    You can now add a countdown image to your signature. This is useful for counting down days remaining until your next Disney vacation, or any other upcoming date.

    Please read these instructions carefully. If you have any questions, post in the Administration forum.

    1. Generate your countdown image:
      Go to TickerFactory or CountdownImages and follow the instructions on either site to create your countdown image.
      When done, you'll have a link to an image. It will look like this:
      (if you used TickerFactory);10759;479/st/20120902/e/Disneyland+Half+Marathon/dt/-3/k/ee46/event.png
      (if you used CountdownImages)

    2. Add your countdown image to your signature:
      1. Edit your MousePad signature.
      2. Click in the edit box where you want the countdown image to show up.
      3. Click the "Insert Image" button in the editor toolbar:
      4. The Insert Image dialog will open:
      5. Paste the countdown image link into the URL field and click OK.
      6. Preview your signature and, if you like how it looks, save it. You do not need to post in the public forum to test your signature!

    Important policies and notes about this feature:

    • You are allowed one and only one image, of any kind, in your signature. This includes external images like countdowns, but also includes smilies and uploaded signature pictures. If you have more than one image in your signature you will be asked to change it; further violations will result in removal of your ability to use any images in your signature at all.
    • You can use a signature countdown provider other than TickerFactory or CountdownImages if you like, subject to MousePad's Community Policies regarding family-friendliness of the resulting image.
    • Animated images are not permitted.
    • The maximum width of images in the signature is 500 pixels. This happens automatically.
    • Please remove your signature countdowns when they expire or within a reasonable amount of time afterward.
    • At some point in the near future we'll remove the old [COUNTDOWN] code from any signatures that still have it.
    • Do not post in the public forums to test your signature!

    Again, please post in the Administration forum if you have any questions.

    We hope you enjoy this new feature on MousePad.
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