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Thread: If I were the CEO of Disney. . .

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    If I were the CEO of Disney. . .

    Hot dog! I get to play Disney CEO! OK, here's a letter (on a website available to the public via a link provided in a full-page ad published in USA Today and in The Wall Street Journal) to the governors of NY, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island that I'd publish if I were Disney's CEO:

    Dear Governors:

    Half of Americans still live in your time zone and most of these live in the northern half of this zone, about 1,000 miles from Walt Disney World. It pains me to think of the tens of millions of kids in the NE who have never visited a Disney park, so we are interested in procuring three to six thousand acres of land in the NE as close to as many people as possible. Yes, we are interested in building a third American Disney magic kingdom park in your state!

    This third American Disneyland location will probably always have just one theme park: a Disneyland centered around a castle at the end of a main street, yet this park will still be so unique and wonderful that guests who visit it may be enticed to visit our Florida resort. The main street will have a Walt Disney World preview attraction with an entrance in a cul de sac and an exit in another cul de sac across the street. Most of the world's most popular theme parks are Disney parks surrounding castles, and we expect to support and surpass what we've done best.

    We will build three resort hotels, with one celebrating America's NE, another like our Hotel Cheyenne at Disneyland Paris, and a third surrounding or next to a working farm. A "Downtown Disney" area will have restaurants, a Disney store, shops, movie theaters, and an indoor water park that will make this a wonderful three-night destination.

    Our Anaheim Disneyland was immensely popular for decades with just one park before a second park was built there, and we imagine that this NE resort will also be highly successful with just one theme park. It may be the prototype for future one-park Disneyland resorts in Texas, Brazil, South Korea, London, and Germany--all very different from each other, and so wonderful that they will create a Disney wanderlust, with our more affluent guests visiting them all. As with our Paris and Southern California locations, we imagine some families spending two or three nights here while also spending a few nights in nearby places as part of week-long vacations.

    As a year-round park in the NE, it will be our most indoor theme park, yet we are seeking a location with natural beauty. Closeness to transportation (airports, subway or train extensions, highways, etc.), a ready workforce, and tax breaks will all be considered when we select our location, which we hope to break ground on in March of 2014 and open in October of 2016 or 2017.

    Besides the construction jobs, there will be at least 6,000 permanent Disney jobs once the resort opens. Most jobs will not require a college degree and will not pay over $35,000 a year in today's dollars, yet they will be popular jobs that will be highly rewarding on other ways. Many thousands of other non-Disney jobs will be created as well.

    A large time-share resort/hotel in Manhattan and much smaller Disney hotels in Boston, Philadelphia and Washington. D.C. will serve new "Adventures By Disney" trips and our flexible (timeshare) Disney Vacation Club. The new resort in your state will serve as a hub for our new, strong NE vacation presence and will certainly dramatically increase your state's tourism revenue.

    We have already been searching for properties in your state, but we welcome any creative cooperation from your state that will convince us to build our newest Disneyland there.

    See ya real soon! (We hope!)
    Tom Sinsky & Mickey Mouse

    P.S. (Note to self: delete before publishing! ) This new NE park will also have a "Soarin'" that soars over the SE, especially WDW, while WDW's new "Soarin' Over America" will soar over the many parts of America not included in "Soarin' Over California" or this new Soarin' for our NE park. (So at WDW, guests will soar over NYC, Maine, the Grand Canyon, Alaska, Hawaii, the Mississippi, Mt. Rushmore, this new different-looking NE Disneyland, Niagara Falls, etc.) Exclusivity might inspire some guests to ride all the different Soarin's.
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