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Thread: CM getting family in question

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    CM getting family in question

    A friend's brother just started working at Disneyland and he told her that he can't get in family members on days that are blocked out for a Deluxe pass, is there a discounted ticket they can buy for those days?

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    The blockout dates are similar to DAPs but by no means identical. This year and increasingly as park attendance has gone up, so have blockout dates, the whole month of June is blocked this year as an example (carsland opening) Also- unlike pass holders, CMs dont' get told ahead of time what blockout dates will be- generally it's rolled out only for a couple months ahead of time. CMs do get discounted tix, but I don't think it will be helpful in this situation. Disneyland only offers 1 day discount CM tickets (hoppers and 1 day/1 park). Best deal is the hopper, but I can tell you right now, if this is just for 1 day admission for AP holders- the discount price is still much higher than the price of a blockout day ticket that the AP holder can buy. Also, most Disney Park employees have limited number of admissions that are allowed each year and the computer does kept track of them. I just mention that so you understand that a CM doesn't have the ability to get folks in as much as they want/whenever they want. If you are planning a trip for a family of DAP holders, needing to get in for one day, your best bet is the blockout day tickets. If you have any more questions, pm me.

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    My adopted sister's dad (grandpa) just retired in December from Disneyland. In past and currently until he dies he can get 3 people in 16 times a year. I think it is different the longer amount of time you work there. He worked there for 10 years. I agree with Teddi, my sis' said the blackout dates are worse than before. CM's also get a discount for other family wanting AP's and they get discounts in Florida.

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