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Thread: A New Broadway Champ - The Lion King

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    A New Broadway Champ - The Lion King

    A group that collects box office data for New York's Broadway Theater productions has released numbers that show that The Lion King, produced by Disney Theatrical Productions (a show of hands out there as to who knew that division of Disney existed), has become all time box office champion for the Broadway theater. The Lion King has now swooped ahead of the previous champ (and also still running) The Phantom of the Opera. Since 1997 when the play opened it has taken in - get this - $853,846,062 (not included drinks, candy, and souvenirs). Close to a billion dollars. As Mel Brooks once said "It's good to be the king". It's also good to be Disney....

    Link to Yahoo/AP article

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    One of my favorite musicals. I'm not surprised it's done so well.



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