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Thread: Canoes and archery at Wilderness Campground

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    Canoes and archery at Wilderness Campground

    Has anyone here been on the canoes lately? I have never been and DH and I would like to try it out in May for my 50th birthday. Does anyone have any details, such as:

    1) Rates for both.
    2) Water course...Is there a series of streams we paddle or is it just a pond?
    3) Adult sizes...Are these canoes for adults or for small kids? It would just be we 2 adults.
    4) Any neat scenery to see while paddling?
    5) Archery... is it okay if you are a beginner?

    Thanks for anything that you can share!

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    I can only comment on the archery experience. My husband and two older children did the archery experience in 2010. My husband is an experienced archer. This was the first time my children (ages 13 and 10) had ever used a bow. I stayed at Hollywood Studios with our youngest child during their archery experience. They all reported they really enjoyed it! My daughter enjoyed it so much that she asked for a bow for Christmas that year! I think it is perfectly fine for beginners. When they went, he said it was just my family and another boy that had been dropped off by his parents. There were two very friendly CM's who led the session. One of the CM's was also a lifeguard at the pool. My husband said at some point there was a series of whistle blows and she immediately sprinted to the pool to assist with the situation. They helped the kids find which side their dominant eye was on. He did say they only provided an arm guard after he mentioned it would be nice to have one...(my daughter's arm needed it). He thought it was well done. Note: take some bottled waters...he said it was very hot...we were there the week after July 4th!

    According to another site: The Archery Experience is available on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 2:45-3:15 pm for $25 per person. Check in at the Ft. Wilderness Bike Barn. Leave plenty of time to get there. My husband took a bus from Hollywood Studios and then once you are there you have to transfer to an internal bus to get around Ft. Wilderness.

    I hope this helps!

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    Gee whiz. A 30 minute window???? your schedule carefully! That's nuts!

    Working hard for that next WDW trip!

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    Thanks for the replies. We still haven't made any reservations yet but we would both like to try the archery and canoeing. If we end up doing those activities, I'll post it here for others.



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