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Thread: Pre May 2013 visit

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    Pre May 2013 visit

    Hi All, I'm so excited to be back on the Forum and planning a new trip. When I was on last we made a move to Florida and ran to Disney right after unpacking. Unfortunitly after 6 months of living in Florida I knew I couldnt stay as I was not adgusting to the heat with my medical condition and missed my son as I/we packed back up and went back home to Michigan. I hate the winters here but after 43 years I knew I needed to be where I grew up and re-adgust to renting for the rest of my life. Im good with that as long as Im home and near my son. Ok, enough with that.
    I'm going back to DISNEY May 1-10th, 2013. My plan at this point is to leave from TVC with one layover in Chicago. Get DME and head to Pop Century. The reason it's the Pop again is, we can spread it out for 3 addition days for a complete 10 days which we never did before. If we did Moderate it could only be 7 days. I want to stay as long as possible. All the trips to Disney we are NEVER in the room to sleep and shower so I really dont see a reason to pay for a more expensive resort. We will be Celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and want to do things we never have before. Like go DD and do that balloon ride thing, dance in DD , take a boat ride and walk around the parks without storm parking and just take in the scenery. So I think we need more days. Were not water park people. I really need to find out when Disney will roll out there 2013 dvd and free info. packets. I hope if I order in December they will send 2013 and not still 2012. I might call first. I will start making plane and room ressie's in the next few months. I hope I picked a nice week and month with great warm weather and low crowds. If anyone has anything I might have forgotten or something we need to see please feel free to post it. I will make note of all suggestions. I should mention husband is a 3 time cancer survivor so this trip needs to turn out the best Anniversary as we never know if it will be his last.

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    Leslie (Leah)...sounds like a great trip you have planned so far. Enjoy your 25th and I'm sure it will be very magical. HUGS!


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    Thanks Tappenfeat, I tried to send a message to someone who could change my name to correct "Leah" but it hasent happened yet, maybe I sent my request to the wrong person. With me that is always possible. LOL Anyways, I copied off a 2013 calendar and have all my dates marked and ready to go and make my ressie. My room and package, air, adr's, etc. Now I just wait. Yeah like that will be easy. LOL LOL Hubby says I have gone crazy. Ok I have but going back to Celebrate so much and for a longer time I'm bursting inside. Have I missed anything?

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    Hi Leah!!

    I'm super-excited for you- 2013 is so far but also right around the corner. The hubby finally said ok we can start planning for a December 2013 trip. I had researched everything except restaurants but now some things have came up that will have us postponing the trip until 2014 or even worse- 2015. Boooo! LOL

    WDW All Star Sports 7/1999, 6/2006 & now just waiting for the green light to plan the next trip- HOPE ITS SOON OR I MIGHT JUST HOP ON A PLANE AND GO ALONE!!- haha

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    Leah, 2013 will be here before you know it!

    Working hard for that next WDW trip!

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    We want to go to WDW the first week of January 2013 but Disney's still not booking packages yet.



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