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Thread: Doing Star Wars Weekend: seeking tips and advice

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    Cool Doing Star Wars Weekend: seeking tips and advice

    We are surprising my DS (9) with a trip to WDW for the Star Wars weekend. He thinks our next trip to WDW will be in 2014 since we went last year.

    There are 3 of us: DH, DS and me.
    Pop Century May 31-June 5
    Quick Service Dining Plan
    Park Hopper; no water plan
    w/ Car Rental

    He's not interested in meeting the actors.

    What is some advise or tips you can recommend for this visit? Any MUST DO's that are specific for Star Wars Weekend? Any adjustments that you can recommend now that FP's are being strictly enforced?

    Should we change our dining plan? We weren't going to do any character meals this time around. We wanted to be able to get around quickly to catch events and not worry about reservations.
    But are there character meals with Star Wars characters that I may not have known about?

    He did the Jedi Training Academy last year, but he loved it so much, we're likely gonna make the "run" to do again. Do they do anything cool that I should be camera-ready for?

    Should we go to HS each day? Is each day of the weekend different?

    I'm a spreadsheet/Touring Plans gal, so I'm trying to plan this out best I can.

    Thanks in advance for all your ideas and help!

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    Okay, I haven't been to Star Wars Weekends since 2005, so hopefully I can help a little. But truth be told, there are plenty other MousePlanet members who can chime in with more timely info.

    Since you don't seem to be meeting any of the actors, that will be a big relief. From what I remember, you may want to arrive at park opening for at least one morning. Imperial Stormtroopers walk about above the crowds above the turnstiles. The audio that accompanies it completes the 'show'.

    The Star Wars character meet-and-greets are more plentiful from what I remember. Grab a daily park schedule and it should tell you which costumed Star Wars character you can meet and where.

    If you were in the market for exclusive Star Wars Weekends merchandise such as pins, shirts, or whatever else, the line at the Star Tours shop gets quite large, especially on the first day of Star Wars Weekends. But chances are, whatever you'd want to buy will still be there a few hours later, unless it's ultra-limited or something.

    I am not certain about Star Wars characters in any character dining venue. However, meals at their respective traditional meal times will be crowded, especially lunch I would imagine. Plan accordingly. Have fun. And may the Force be with you.

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    I have never been to a Star Wars weekend but I think studios might be a good resource for you to look at.


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    Every day in the same weekend is the same. Get there early enough to see the Stormtroopers on the overhang. There are a couple of interview/behind the scense shows that you'll want to catch (freaturing pre-shows that you'll want to get there early for.) The shows are packed more to the beginning of the day so there is a long gap in the afternoon between the parade and the Dance-off that closes the day's activities. That's the ideal time to do some shopping and get photo ops with characters. Keep in mind that everytime a show lets out, the Jedi Academy finishes, or the parade ends, a mass of people will all proceed to Star Tours. You may want to wait towards the afternoon for shorter lines. (But not too long since the Hoopla dance contest takes place on the Jedi stage right outside the ride.)

    There are no SW character meals that I have ever seen.

    A little tip: Right before you go to one of the shows, grab a FastPass for Toy Story Mania or Star Tours. By the time you get out and to the ride it should be close to the right time.

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    wow! thanks so much for the tips! All of them were really helpful! If anyone out there thinks of any more, keep em coming! LOL! we're only 8 weeks away!

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    My grandson did the Jedi Training in January and loved it. He was only five and very short so it was very cute to see him in the togs. We had six of us together that day so my husband and I took our granddaughter over to the training around to get a front row standing spot while my son and daughter-in-law did the pre show thing with the grandson. Then the two adults joined us so we had a very good spot. I would suggest only one adult stay with your son and then other go over to the training around early. Also, if you have a video camera or video capabilities, it's a good idea to record the entire session. If you don't want to do that, record the beginning part and then the kids will be taken off to the side and get to do battle one on one so you can wait until yours is up there for that.

    There will be a photographer scurrying around taking pictures during the entire session. You will have an opportunity to go through the photos and pick out the ones of your child later. I strongly, strongly advise you to do this well before you leave as the place will be mobbed. Took my son about a half hour just to get to the front of the line when we were leaving.

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