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Thread: Disneyland birthday

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    Disneyland birthday

    I know they used to offer a birthday bucket for the celebrating child, but upon browsing the Disneyland website, it seems that they now offer a Disney Princess Jewelry Box, or Pirate's Treasure chest. Has anyone seen these? Does anyone have pictures? My Daughter's 9th birthday is coming up and we would like to be prepared.


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    All I got was a button...and to see the Crab on Pirates.

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    There is a description of what they contain in this MousePlanet article. There are photos of the different cakes you can order also.

    I found this picture of the pirate chest on flickr.

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    they have had those for a long time. maybe 5 years? We did the pirate box. It's about 4x6 (maybe 3x5) in width/depth, then the box is about another 5 inches tall or so. Plastic molded with Pirates' theme of course. The cake slipped into the top of the chest - you could pull it out (it was in a tray). It's a nice thing but not a must have IMHO. the flag is there, yes. and that small disk behind the cake (you can see it peeking out of the top of the pic that Steph posted) is a compass I believe.

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