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Thread: Moms! What groceries to bring?

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    Moms! What groceries to bring?

    We are going to do a garden grocer order for our trip in October (We are flying down and using Disney transportation to POFQ). This is my first Disney trip in about 20 yrs and my first with kids of my own (ages 1 and 5), so I have NO clue what to get! What are some good things that you get to either eat in the room or take into the park with you? Some of the ideas I had, but am unsure about: string cheese, yogurt, granola bars, bottled water. Any other suggestions????

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    as far as IN the park my mom brought fruit snacks, beef jerky, various nuts, raisins, granola - things that in the heat or cold wouldn't get too icky

    as far as in room eating - she didn't pack a lot of food for that - she bought it at a local store, but she bought pop tarts, yogurt, fruit, and uncrustables (pb&j sandwiches).

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    When we went, things I had in the room were:

    Instant Oatmeal packets for breakfast.

    I didn't buy yogurt partly due to space issues, partly because I couldn't transport leftovers home. (I over bought oatmeal but that was easy enough to pack in the luggage to bring home.)

    I don't remember taking a lot of snacks into the parks with us but if I were you with those aged kids I'd bring goldfish crackers and maybe string cheese.

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    You may want to add some ziplock baggies to your list, as well as real coffee, if you are a coffe drinker. Most of the World has Nescafe, which is not coffee, it's warm dish water . Laundry supplies? Any personal items like shampoo, sunscreen (yes even in October you should), if you order that stuff in you don't have to worry about a possible time consuming TSA issue. 3 ounce bottles probably don't go far for a family. Good luck and happy planning!

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    Don't forget the water. You will probably want to use bottled water to make coffee, tea, etc. or anything that has to be mixed with water for your children as the tap water leaves much to be desired. Perhaps assorted sizes of water, including those little bottles of 6 to 8 ounces.

    Pack - or order - the size of "disposable tupperware" you need to put all those little ziplocs of snacks in for carrying in the park - keeps them all from being crushed to bits.

    Whatever your children might eat for a simple breakfast or lunch. This way if they are overtired at the end of the day, you can give them a supper of familiar foods, and pop them into bed.

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    For snacks in the park, my children liked Smart Food, slim jims, raisins, granola bars, dry cereal, and fruit snacks.

    For the room we had cereal and milk for breakfast. I also bought Pop-Tarts as a treat because they are not allowed to have them at home. Turns out my kids don't really like them!

    If your children drink milk, it will be much cheaper to get it from a grocery store than onsite. Also, if you drink beer (or any alcohol, really) you will be better off ordering it as prices are exorbitant on Disney property.

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    We get a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, our favorite beverages, granola, yogurt, fruit (on garden grocer, you can order both GREEN and YELLOW bananas to time them out to have fruit all vacation), chips, and usually a box of Famous Amos cookies (only on vacay!!!).

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    Yes, do try to find a balance between how much you will consume and how much might be left over. Throwing out perfectly good food is not fun. This is hard for us because we, and especially my little one, likes variety. We got milk and cereal, go-gurt, regular yogurts, bread, pb, jam, snack bars, water. I've never understood buying full size shampoos and other toiletries from the store once there because there is no way my small family would make it all the way through a bottle, and then I'd have to throw the rest away or make room for it on the way home. I don't like either of those options. I usually take half used bottles and then throw them away at the end of the trip. Makes more room for souvenirs! We also bought fresh fruit and really enjoyed that in the room, especially after hot days in the parks.

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    Mmm... famous amos cookies! Those are good!

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    I think one of the best things about having groceries in the room is eating breakfast. I need something in the morning to start the day, a bowl of cereal and juice is good enough for me and my kids. It saved us money and time. My kids eat cereal deconstructed...cereal in a bowl with milk on the we could even take it to go and get moving just a bit faster. Also fruit!


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    I have ordered from them too and the one thing that was really helpful in the money saving area was buying ice cream and ice cream cones...instead of blowing a small fortune at night on the treat, we would have one in our cabin. But, we had a full size fridge...I'm guessing the POFQ fridge won't hold ice cream?

    I also got bananas...they went the fastest.

    The other thing that helped save money was a loaf of bread and lunch meats. I did buy a small container of mustard, but it was only 99 cents.


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    Cereal and milk for breakfast. Granola bars, gold fish, fruit snacks, string cheese, I'd only bring gogurts if I could freeze them, microwave popcorn, any other favorite snacks.
    Capri suns or individual juices, water, pepsi if you prefer it to coke, baggies, soft sided cooler, gallon bags (if I didn't have a freezer to freeze water bottles for ice packs, you can fill with ice from ice machine).

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    Over 3 trips I have gradually reduced room food down to cereal bars, cereal, milk, coffee, tea and water. Anything else proves overkill because the dining plan involves such a lot of food anyway, and usually we have the dining plan. The year we didn't we ha fruit too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by scoobydooby View Post
    Over 3 trips I have gradually reduced room food down to cereal bars, cereal, milk, coffee, tea and water. Anything else proves overkill because the dining plan involves such a lot of food anyway, and usually we have the dining plan. The year we didn't we ha fruit too.
    Very true. If doing the dining plan, I'd cut way back on groceries too.
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    We always have a fridge of some sort in the room, since we stay at DVC resorts. I haven't stayed at a non-DVC resort since 2006, so I apologize for not knowing much outside the DVC universe. If using the Disney Dining Plan, you may find yourself having a tad too much food when all is said and done. We just take the remainder to go and save if for later inside our fridge back in the room.

    Since we drive down to Florida(for the most part) we pack the car up with everything we need. We bring water, soda, and juice. We buy the milk at either the resort gift shop or at the supermarket down near the southeastern tip of WDW property on the drive in. We bring cereal and have breakfast in the room every morning. It does save time and money, as someone said above.

    We freeze the water in the fridge so that it is cold(or relatively so) when we need it.

    You cannot bring coolers into the parks, so keep that in mind. However, I think we brought a tiny insulated cooler-like bag inside on more than one occasion. We used it for formula when we were in that stage.

    I hope I helped a bit.

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    We usually bring a soft-sided mini-cooler and put it in our backpack. It keeps things fairly cool. Our family has 2 people with gluten allergies, so we usually stick with fruit, fruit snacks, string cheese and some gluten free crackers.

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    bottled water for all drinks tea coffee or plain ole glass of water as the water in orlando is like drinking form a swimming pool. I can face anything once I've had a good cup of coffee so that is a must for us. oatmeal, or some cereal, I pack Publix or kashi go lean breakfast bars... they are like an egg's worth of protein, and good carbs, low sugar, and taste good! we eat apples and peanut butter, PBJ sandwiches, bananas and PB. my kids and husband love that V* splash... and and we would get vege tray , cheese tray, lunch meat and good bread. you can nap your condiments throughout the park... plus napkins. I use the shower gel to wash clothes and people, LOL> sunscreen is a must I use Coppertone 35 spf spray... or banana boat. You will still get a very nice tan without burn. I pack band-aids for blisters, everyone has a pair of sandals, sneakers and flip flops. bad sore feet can ruin a vacation... OH those little fruit cups and applesauce. My kids have a tendency to get constipated when we travel, so I keep an eye on that and up fiber with fresh fruit veg, and grains and keep them drinking. esp at the ed of the day, back in the room, watching a little TV and drinking a bottle of water... whatever.

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