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Thread: Disneyland to SD Zoo, to SD Safari Park, then back again?

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    Wink Disneyland to SD Zoo, to SD Safari Park, then back again?

    Hi Everyone!
    I was just curious, we'll be going to Disneyland Anaheim in Sept. 2012 and my DD wants to go to the San Diego Zoo AND Safari Park. We have to get back into Anaeim before we leave. Can anyone tell me the best way to get to the SD Zoo, then Safari Park, then back to Disneyland? I will not be renting a car, and our trip will be about 10 days. Are there any package tours including the zoo and safari park w/ transportation? Thank you in advance!

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    The San Diego Zoo you can probably do on your own by taking the train to Downtown San Diego and then catching a bus. Getting to the Safari Park would likely be a lot harder since it is not on the train route.

    Have you looked at what Greyline offers?

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    Are you a AAA member? If so, check with a AAA travel agent about packages that include DLR, SD Zoo, and the Safari Park (which is in Escondido and not close to the zoo). Also, AAA may have discount tickets available.

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    Hmm, I believe we had a thread awhile back about the grey line tour... let's see if my search "force" is working.
    ETA: the one I found was DL to Sea World.

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    take train (pacific surfliner) to SD get hotel room for 2 nights. take city bus or san diego trolley to zoo. contact grey line for trip out to safari park. it would be really hard to get from escondido back to anaheim better to stay in SD then take amtrak back. not that you asked but a bette use of time might be to spend 2 days at zoo instead. so much to see and do.

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    There is a light rail (the Sprinter) that runs from Oceanside Amtrak (Coaster) station to downtown Escondido transit station. I'm sure there's a bus to the Safari Park, but is it worth 3 hours of traveling time? I live here, so maybe I'm just used to it. It is a cool place, but not as good as it used to be since they stopped the monorail. The new tour only takes you to half the field exhibits and is basically just an open-air bus. I used to like it better than the zoo, but now I've flip-flopped.

    But I don't want to go among mad people!

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    Check out the City Pass. They give you a book of tickets that you turn in at the various parks. You have to use them all in a certain window after you use the first one, but you'll be covered. Gives you three days of Disneyland (park hoppers when we did it) and San Diego attractions. I think they might have had a coupon in there for Grey Line.

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    You also get one day at Universal studios with the Citypass. You can usually get them through Costco for a bit less. But if they are going for 10 days they may come out ahead, pricing seperately.

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    Thanks so much everyone!! I'm still planning for Sept, but so far Greyline has the best deal. Thanks

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    Have you thought about taking Amtrak to SD, staying in the Downtown area (near Amtrak) for your base so you can use the SD Trolley, etc. to go to the SD Zoo and then rent a car for one day so you can go to SD Safari Park?

    I haven't been to the park in Escondido in many years but it's at least an hour out there (or more with traffic) if you drive and a shuttle would just take longer. If you're coming with a family, it would seem like you would save quite a bit of money just by renting a car for that one day. You could even rent a car for two days so you wouldn't need to use Amtrak. If you price it, it might be worth it to do that. Southern CA is very car-oriented and it's difficult to get around if you don't have one. It's possible to go on tours (AAA is a great suggestion) but it's much easier to have a car at your disposal. If you rent during the weekend, you can get weekend rates (from Friday-Monday).

    And, I am so bummed to hear that they discontinued the monorail tour--that was so cool! I'm sure the rest of the park is beautiful but that's one of my favorite memories of that park.

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    SD Trolley would require a transfer to the #7 Bus ... Best to take the #7 Bus from Downtown to the SD Zoo ... as it is the only public mass transit option for the destination - SD Zoo ... my2cents



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