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Thread: Photo of the Day Thread

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    Photo of the Day Thread

    Post your favorite (taken by you, of course) Walt Disney World photos here. All skill levels welcome to participate. Please identify where your photo was taken if it isn't obvious.

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    I'll start:

    Click the photo to go to its page and read my "interesting" story of how I got this shot.

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    That is an amazing picture!!

    Have a Disney Day!
    You don't have to walk on water, it's how you walk on land.

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    I took this on Christmas Eve at the Animal Kingdom. I thought it was pretty for an amateur.

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    Very cool pic of epcot!

    Hb...that is a very pretty piture!

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    Thank you Kat!

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    Thank you!
    Now that I figured out how to post photos to the threads from my phone, I might have some fun with this thread on our upcoming trip to WDW in April.

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    Cool thread!!! I will have to dig thru my photos. Love the pictures so far!!! Amazing!


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    I'll have to find some of my photos to post. Love that pic of Everest. We took tons there, but weren't as clear or clean as that one. What kind of camera do you have?

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    I love my camera!! Fairestoneofall has it too, I wanted a new point and shoot camera with a good zoom and this one is great!

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    From the Flower and Garden Festival

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    A pic I took at Animal Kingdom last week.

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    That's a different shot! I love it!

    A FB friend is there right now and she posted this picture...


    I want to pay someone to write that in front of my door everyday so when I walk out I will always smile!


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    In honor of Star Wars Weekends

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    Quote Originally Posted by wishiwasthere View Post
    That's a different shot! I love it!
    Thank you!

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    Time I start playing here!

    Working hard for that next WDW trip!

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    That's an amazing photo of the sphere in the dark, excellent photography.

    Check out my Disney Blog - Photographing Disney, Mainly Photos but some of the old Larry Humour/Humor -



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