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Thread: Charbonneau Family WDW Trip Report: November 5 - 12, 2011 @ Wilderness Lodge Villas

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    Charbonneau Family WDW Trip Report: November 5 - 12, 2011 @ Wilderness Lodge Villas

    Travel dates: November 5 - November 12, 2011
    Travel method: Plane (Delta) & Rental Car (Alamo)
    Resort: Wilderness Lodge Villas (DVC Membership Points)
    Accommodations: 1 Bedroom Villa
    Cast of Characters / Ages Represented in Group / Disney Resort Experience:
    Melissa (Me) / Age 36 / DVC Member & 19th Trip to WDW
    Maurice (Husband) / Age 40 / DVC Member & 17th Trip to WDW
    Marceline (DD) / Age 2 / 4th Trip to WDW
    Patricia (GMA - Melissas mom) / Age 62 / 10th Trip to WDW
    This trip was scheduled to celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary for my husband and I (not that we ever need an excuse to visit our happy place). We came to WDW on our honeymoon November 11 - 21 and stayed at the Wilderness Lodge (4D/4N) before taking our first Disney cruise (3D/3N) followed by a trip to Universal Orlando (4D/3N). We are also planning on getting Marcelines 1st haircut while we are at WDW.

    This is my first trip report, so I hope that I do a decent job and that you enjoy reading about our adventures.
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    Day 1: Saturday, November 5th, 2011

    Plan: Fly from Detroit to Orlando (12:11pm - 2:50pm) / Pick up rental car / Drive to Wilderness Lodge Villas / Go to Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney, or Fort Wilderness then get groceries for the weeks breakfasts

    Actual: I wish I could say that our flight was uneventful, but we found out that DD is acquiring a lot of new fears recently. As soon as the wheels of the airplane left the ground she let out a scream and her eyes were as big as saucers. She was terrified. I had her strapped into her car seat, but we ended up taking her out and DH held her in his lap until she calmed down. It took about 15 minutes and then she fell asleep.

    She slept restlessly, so DH continued holding her for the entire flight until we began our decent into Orlando. Her car seat was used as storage for most of the flight.

    We then strapped her back into her seat and she only whined and cried slightly during the landing. It is interesting how children change from day to day. She has flown two times down to Florida (8 months and 13 months) and didnt have any problems at all, but now that she understands that we are going up in the air, she is scared. After arriving, we picked up the Alamo rental car (a red HHR) and drove to the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge. While I checked in, DD checked out the child sized rocking chairs in the lobby.

    On our way to the room, DD hugged the totem pole and said Hi! to the Mickey topiary.

    Our room was ready upon arrival, so we got settled and drove over to Winn Dixie on South Apopka Vineland Road. We usually hit up the ABC Liquors shop out front and then go and get groceries at Winn Dixie. When we were driving up, we noticed a helicopter with searchlight and two police cars down the adjacent road and 4 police cars at the ABC Liquor shop. Since we didnt know what was going on except for something very suspicious, we decided to go elsewhere and ended up at the Publix on Vineland Avenue. We got our groceries and went back to the room. Since the traveling had been somewhat traumatic for DD, we decided to make it an early night and just went back to the room. We had two towel designs in our villa upon arrival.

    End of Day #1
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    Day 2: Sunday, November 6th, 2011

    Plan: Morning at Downtown Disney or the Outlet and afternoon / evening at Hollywood Studios (Fantasmic Mama Melrose reservation at 1:35pm - note: 1st time taking Marceline to Fantasmic)

    Actual: I ended up making French toast and bacon for breakfast, so we didnt get moving very quickly today. We ended up just heading to Hollywood Studios after breakfast. This was our first park, so we thought we would try out the Mickey backpack / tether that we had purchased for DD. She loved wearing the backpack, but didnt like that we could actually stop her with the tether. Here is DD with the tether, fighting with GMA for the tether, winning on getting the tether, and then distracted with a park map and guiding the way.

    Oblivious of tether

    Fighting for control of tether

    DD after she won the battle

    DD after being distracted with a park map and thinking that she is in charge of where we are headed

    Mama Melroses was behind already and we didnt get seated until 2:00pm. By the time we were seated, DD had fallen asleep. I held her while we ate. Our food was absolutely delicious! I would certainly dine here again. The Fantasmic Dining reservation worked out really well for us. We technically could have probably gotten in for Fantasmic without much of a wait anyway, but we had a delicious meal and good seats for the show. The only negative to Mama Melroses was the kids meal. We ordered DD the cheese pizza and it was tasteless! She woke up at the end of our meal, took one bite of the pizza, and refused to eat any more. She did eat the bread on the table, but that was all I could get into her.

    We tried to take DD on Muppets and she adamantly refused to watch the show after watching the pre-show. I think she was still scared of the unknown from the flight.

    DH, GMA & I took turns going on Star Tours. The changes they made were amazing! I wish I could have gone more than two times.

    My DH decided to go back to the car to do my DDs breathing treatment so GMA and I went on the Great Movie Ride. This attraction really needs a lot of TLC! Most of the effects were working, but the figures are really showing their age and some of the voices are not synced correctly with the animatronics. Maybe I am being picky, but they really should do a significant restoration or upgrades on this attraction.

    DH bought me a Dooney and Bourke purse for our anniversary in the store across the street from Villains and Vogue. He is such a sweetheart!!!!

    Before Fantasmic we bought a bag of Crasins and some Mac N Cheese at Fairfax Fair for DD to eat while we waited for Fantasmic. Rarely will she turn down Mac N Cheese (like most kids). DD loved Fantasmic. She was very excited to see the princess floats and kept naming all of the characters on the water screens. The only negative with the show was that we were downwind, so the water screens misted us.

    Since we arrived at the park late, we couldnt go on Toy Story Mania because it was a 110-minute wait after Fantasmic. We did some shopping and headed back to the hotel.

    End of Day #2.
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    Can't wait to hear more, and what a little doll you have! She's adorable.


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    Day 3: Monday, November 7th, 2011

    Plan: Universal Studios Islands of Adventure (specifically to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter)

    Actual: Went directly to Universal and directly to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It is an interesting design for the area, but I wasnt as impressed with Hogwarts as others have been. It didnt seem that big to me. When you are up close (in the cue) the castle actually seemed quite small to me. I also didnt like the relationship between Hogsmeade and Hogwarts. I know spatially they couldnt really separate them further, but I believe Disney could have done better.

    Anyway, we went on Forbidden Journey (GMA once, me 3 times, and DH 2 times). It is a really good attraction and we each enjoyed it! The queue is very cool and does make the wait time much better, however we only had waits of about 30 - 50 minutes each time. We ate at the Three Broomsticks and purchased the Great Feast that is supposed to feed 4. We couldnt finish everything, but it ended up being a really good deal for us compared to purchasing meals separately. DD almost ate two whole ears of corn by herself, some broccoli, and a good amount of chicken.

    The Feast also included salad, ribs, potatoes (which were excellent), and mixed vegetables. The Butterbeer (cold not frozen) was delicious and we ended up sharing five total throughout the day. The pumpkin juice was okay but not something I would purchase again. DH & I went on Spiderman twice and DD played in the play areas in Seuss Landing and in Jurassic Park for a couple hours.

    DD refused to go on any of the attractions in Seuss Landing, not even Cat in the Hat! Oh well, since she is still free I consider it good that she enjoyed the play areas! DH did get a picture with Popeye (cant tell he is a fan by his t-shirt) J

    Then we had an oopsie! DD fell while running through Toon Lagoon. She did the land on her knees then hands and then face. She ended up with a terrible fat lip and it scraped a good layer of skin off. After a run for ice and a few tears, we were continuing onward with a boo boo.

    We ate at the Nascar Caf on our way out through City Walk. GMA took the stroller out through one of the exits from Nascar that only had stairs and ended up breaking off the brake from one of the wheels. So, we used a broken stroller for the remainder of the trip. Luckily it broke in the unlocked position! We returned to the Villas after a long day of fun at Universal.

    End of Day #3
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    Day 4: Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 - Part 1 of 2

    Plan: Morning at Epcot (Chefs de France reservation at 12:30pm) & Evening at Magic Kingdom for Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party

    Actual: We decided to use Disney transportation today, so we took the boat to the Magic Kingdom, the monorail to the TTC, and the monorail to Epcot. DD loved the monorail and asked to go on it again repeatedly! Today DD went on her first real attraction of the trip! We entered Epcot and saw Stitch & Daisy.

    We then went directly to The Living Seas with Nemo. She loved it!!! We looked around the seas for quite awhile and then headed to Chefs de France for our lunch reservation. GMA, DH & I all ordered the prix fixe with the Gratin de Macaroni with different appetizers and desserts. DD shared some of everything but especially liked the loaves of bread & meeting Remy.

    After our delicious and heavy lunches, we made a quick trip around the world showcase and went on what would become DDs favorite attraction in WDW this trip. The Gran Fiesta Tour starring The Three Caballeros or The Donald Boat Ride as my DD called it. We went on it twice in a row. We then took a leisurely trip around Epcot while DD slept.

    After DD woke up we stopped to meet Snow White, play with some maracas, and meet Duffy.

    We hopped on the monorail back to the TTC and then on to the Magic Kingdom.

    Day 4 to be continued.
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    Day 4: Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 - Part 2 of 2

    Plan: Morning at Epcot (Chefs de France reservation at 12:30pm) & Evening at Magic Kingdom for Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party

    Actual: We began our tour of the Magic Kingdom backwards by going directly to Cosmic Rays to get some dinner. We finished eating right at 7pm when the party started. We donned our Mickey Santa Hats and headed out into the party.

    We went on the Tea Cups first since my DD wanted to go on them since watching the Disneyland Sing-A-Long over and over again. She loved it until DH starting spinning us fast and then she was done with it. Afterward she said she didnt like it because it spins too fast. I dont know when she will want to go on it again.

    On tea cups

    Enjoying tea cups

    After tea cups

    We then went on Small World which my DD determined is her second favorite ride (The Donald Boat ride being her favorite). DD fell asleep so GMA & I went on Big Thunder and we took turns going on Haunted Mansion (I went twice again, but I wish I had been able to go more). The new queue is cool, but didnt add much for me. The hitchhiking ghost modifications, however, were awesome! They did a great job with these modifications, I just wish you could go a little slower in this portion to be able to experience more of the effects (I know this isnt possible with the continuously moving attraction). We watched part of the parade and watched the Holiday fireworks from the hub. DD fell asleep during the fireworks (guess she was burned out).

    Right before the fireworks

    Castle Dream Lights

    Fireworks with a tree in the way - Could have chosen a better spot J

    After the fireworks we went on Small World again and Peter Pan and then got cookies and hot cocoa from Pinocchios. We watched the Small World loading area from inside of Pinocchios while we enjoyed our Christmas Party treats. We wandered around the Magic Kingdom for a while and purchased a Mickey popcorn bucket which DD adored!

    We headed out of the Magic Kingdom just before midnight and took the boat back to the Wilderness Lodge.

    End of Day #4
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    Day 5: Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

    Plan: Morning at Animal Kingdom & Evening at Epcot (Via Napoli reservation at 6:20pm)

    Actual: DH ended up getting a horrible stomach bug and was vomiting throughout the night and into the morning. We decided to just stay in the room today and do laundry. I canceled our reservation at Via Napoli (I am very glad we made the reservation before they put into effect the 24 hour cancellation fees). GMA, DD & I purchased lunch from the Roaring Forks counter service in the hotel and went swimming in the afternoon. DH was feeling better in the evening, so we drove over to Epcot. We went on Nemo and Figment (Journey into Imagination) before having dinner at Sunshine Seasons in the Land pavilion. We then went to Mexico to ride “Donald’s Boat Ride” again and wandered around the world showcase. We did start the Kidcot Duffy Bear stamps today, but we only got the Duffy on a stick and one stamp from Mexico. We returned to our car and to VWL turning in early once again.
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    Day 6: Thursday, November 10th, 2011 (Our 10th Anniversary) - Part 1 of 3

    Plan: Magic Kingdom all day (Harmony Barber Shop 1st haircut for Marceline at 10:00am & Ohana reservation at 5:00pm for our anniversary dinner)

    Actual: We got up early and I made Mickey blueberry pancakes with blueberry faces and then we headed for the boats. I thought we were doing great on time to get to the Magic Kingdom for DDs first haircut. I dont know what made me think her 10:00am appointment was at 10:30am instead, but that was my first mistake of the day. We took the boat to the MK.

    We arrived at 10:00am to a crowd of people at the turnstiles that reached all of the way back to the fences and the bag checks. Since we were running so close to the time I thought the appointment was, I took DD through the no bags line with only my camera, my annual pass, my ID and my credit card. We ran to one of the shorter lines and made it to the Barber Shop at 10:25am. We walked in and there was a stylist ready with the booster already on the chair. They took DD in instantly and began their work. I was feeling bad that DH & GMA were still going through bag check and the turnstiles and would miss part of the haircut, but I knew we had an appointment to keep. After starting her haircut, one of the cast members came over and asked for her name and told me that our appointment had been at 10:00am. She was a little snippy about it, but there wasnt a line and there was an open chair, so the stylist said it really wasnt a problem at all. DD was wearing her Belle dress from Halloween, so the stylist covered her with a penguin cape and gave her a spinning Minnie Mouse toy to play with and it kept her entranced during the entire experience.

    The stylist worked very quickly and was done within 15 minutes. She then gave DD some pixie dust (requested by me) and some Mickey stickers (requested by DD).

    Looks thrilled doesnt she?!

    She received her 1st Haircut mouse ears and her certificate of bravery along with a tissue packet full of her hair and some extra pixie dust. We paid and went outside the Barber Shop. We waited outside for about 2 minutes and DH and GMA came running up. They were both very upset that they missed her first haircut, but understood that we really didnt have any other option. DD enjoyed wearing her mouse ears and kept them on most of the day until she started snapping the elastic and snapped herself really good one time. After that she didnt want to wear the ears anymore. We stopped in the hub and took a couple photographs.

    DH & DD with Dumbo & Timmy Mouse (as DD calls him)

    Day #6 to be continued
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    Quote Originally Posted by tink's mom View Post
    Can't wait to hear more, and what a little doll you have! She's adorable.
    Thank you very much!
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    Day 6: Thursday, November 10th, 2011 (Our 10th Anniversary) - Part 2 of 3

    Plan: Magic Kingdom all day (Harmony Barber Shop 1st haircut for Marceline at 10:00am & Ohana reservation at 5:00pm for our anniversary dinner)

    Actual: We decided to go directly to Tiki Room and see the new / old renovation. I like this version much, much more! I couldnt stand the New Management version and have always loved the Disneyland version. This is much closer to the DL version but is missing some items that I do miss like the sing like the birdies sing song and the enchanted fountain. Oh well, I will just have to go back to DL to see the version I like best J.

    Waiting in the queue for The Enchanted Tiki Room

    Enjoying the end of The Tiki Room

    We went on Pirates of the Caribbean with the new Blackbeard mist screen and the Blackbeard exit spiel. The mist screen seemed really fuzzy (worse than the Davy Jones version). We then made a quick stop to see pirate Goofy (only two families in front of us in line J) and then ventured over to Tortuga Tavern for lunch. Their burritos are a really good value especially when you consider the toppings bar. DD would just eat shredded cheese if I would let her! After lunch we grabbed a couple of Mickey Mouse ice cream bars for dessert and found a couple rocking chairs next to The Hall of Presidents.

    I thought DD would love some ice cream bar, but she took one bite and refused to eat anymore. She loved them on our last trip when she was 13 months. She is at the picky toddler stage J. After our ice cream break, a very tired DD & GMA got a little goofy with the stickers.

    A tired munchkin enjoying her stickers

    GMA getting into the sticker fun

    We did a little shopping and then went on Small World again.

    Small World queue

    Waiting to disembark from our Small World boat

    After Small World, we went on Winnie the Pooh. The interactive queue was open again so I finally got to experience what everyone has been talking about. The popping gophers are cute and the honeybee beads in the queue are good for distraction. Only 3 of the 4 honey walls were working. I hadnt heard that there are drawings of characters behind the honey if you rub it out of the way. The honey walls were really cool. After Pooh we headed to Tomorrowland and went on TTA / Peoplemover and then went on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. We then headed toward the exit since we had a 5:00pm reservation at Ohana.

    Day #6 to be continued
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    Day 6: Thursday, November 10th, 2011 (Our 10th Anniversary) - Part 3 of 3

    Plan: Magic Kingdom all day (Harmony Barber Shop 1st haircut for Marceline at 10:00am & Ohana reservation at 5:00pm for our anniversary dinner)

    Actual: We jumped on the resort monorail and made the trip around the lagoon. After arrival, we did some shopping and I purchased a bracelet for DD that I could add the Minnie Mouse emergency information medallion to. I had a necklace that I looped around her wrist as a bracelet previously, but it was difficult to get on and off. The princess bracelet we purchased was a hit! It is adjustable and DD loves it! I dont ever plan on losing her in the parks, but it is just so busy that one second and she could be gone.

    Our meal at Ohana was delicious and DD ate a ton of noodles!

    DH was finally feeling better, so he thoroughly enjoyed the meal. They didnt do the anniversary celebration recognition, but we knew what we were celebrating. DH and I wore our buttons all week and received a ton of Congratulations and Happy Anniversary comments. After dinner we decided to go back to the Magic Kingdom, but we mainly browsed through the shops and hit up Small World again as requested by DD, but we did finally stop to say Hi to Mickey. There was absolutely no wait and we were taken in directly by one of six cast members waiting at the entrance. Mickey even came over to lead DD into the area for pictures.

    Mickey led DD over to Minnie

    DD hugging Minnie

    Mickey even took extra time to a special hug with DD.

    We did a final ride on the Peoplemover which DD said was lots of fun!

    Peoplemover with hands high in the air - Wheeeeeee!

    DD then fell asleep after a long fun-filled day.

    End of Day #6
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    Day 7: Friday, November 11th, 2011 - Part 1 of 2

    Plan: Morning at Animal Kingdom / Afternoon & Evening at Epcot with a quick boat trip over to Hollywood Studios to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights (note: originally had Coral Reef reservation at 5:50pm but decided to cancel so we could see the OFSoDL)

    Actual: Went directly to Animal Kingdom after breakfast and went to the Safari to get fast passes for later (about 1 hour later) after going over the bouncy bridge multiple times on the way (the small suspension bridge on the left hand pathway before the bridge to the Tree of Life. We stopped to let DD try on some hats / headbands and check out some of the details around the park.

    We then went directly to The Boneyard play area for DD to run around. We spent about 2 hours in that area running up and down the stairs and ramps and going down slides. We didnt even go to the area where you can dig up fossils, DD was too enthralled with the slides. The only complaint that I have with this area is that parents do not supervise their kids AT ALL and many of the kids do not have simple manners. One little boy (about 3) pushed DD down the slide because he thought she was taking too long sitting down. Luckily she was almost seated or she would have ended up going head first down the slide. Other children were sitting sideways at the top of the slides talking to one another instead of going down blocking others from enjoying the slides. Some kids were going down on their stomachs which DD then thought she should try. I stopped her before she started down. There were lines at most of the slides and many children were not waiting their turn and instead pushing and shoving and jumping to the front of the line. I know they are young and excited, but common courtesy and manners should not be ignored. DD is only 2, but either DH or I was with her at all times and made sure that she waited her turn and was polite. There will be a time when we let her go on her own, but I hope she will continue using the manners we are instilling in her now.

    After dragging DD out of The Boneyard, we used our Safari fast passes.

    After the safari, we went to the Yak & Yeti counter service and had lunch. After lunch we headed back toward the entrance to head over to Epcot (stopping to go over the bouncy bridge three more times (DDs request). DD & DH studied the Animal Kingdom map on the tram.

    Day #7 to be continued
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    Day 7: Friday, November 11th, 2011 - Part 2 of 2

    Plan: Morning at Animal Kingdom / Afternoon & Evening at Epcot with a quick boat trip over to Hollywood Studios to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights (note: originally had Coral Reef reservation at 5:50pm but decided to cancel so we could see the OFSoDL)

    Actual: We drove to Epcot and parked way out at the farthest reaches of the parking lot. DD fell asleep during the drive from AK to EP, so we plopped her in the stroller and decided to hoof it to the entrance. A long walk, but easier than the long walk to the tram and then having to deal with loading and unloading. This way, she stayed asleep. Also, the bag check on the left side (opposite the tram area) is always short even though there is usually only one security person checking bags. After entering, GMA and I went on Spaceship Earth (walk on) while DH and sleeping DD went into the Art of Disney store. We then went on Nemo again and GMA bought DD a little stuffed Nemo. We headed to World Showcase and began the Kidcot stops again. We traveled around counter clockwise (starting with Canada) and got all of the country stamps and even got her name written in a few different languages. DD really got into it and would run up with her Duffy on a stick and put it on the table for them to stamp. Usually she was too shy to ask for the stamp, but a couple times she started talking and wouldnt stop! We stopped in Italy and DD decided that she need to stop and dance with DH.

    We stopped in Germany on the way to get a couple soft pretzels for a snack (DD refused to take even one bite). I wished they had cheese cups since the pretzels are very dry, but they were still good. We also ran through the shops in Japan and China on our tour through the World Showcase. We also stopped to play drums at the Outpost.

    Of course, we had to go on The Donald Boat Ride again!

    For dinner we went to the Electric Umbrella and then went shopping in Mouse Gear before heading out. It was very cold tonight and it wasnt helping GMAs cold, but we all wanted to get to Downtown Disney once before we left and we were leaving tomorrow afternoon. So, we walked out to the car and drove to DD. We went quickly from store to store and made a few purchases. DH had purchased a Dooney and Bourke purse for me earlier in the week, so I purchased the Jim Shore organist for him and we drove back to the VWL and went directly to bed. DD was out way before we got back to the hotel.

    End of Day #7
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    Day 8: Saturday, November 12th, 2011 - Going Home L

    Plan: Try using Resort Airline Check-in for the first time / fly home (3:55pm - 6:37pm)

    Actual: We got up and quickly packed, ate breakfast, and then GMA and I went to Resort Airline Check-in and took care of our bags and received our boarding passes. We went back to the room and finished packing up our carry on bags and headed to the airport. We filled up the gas at the Hess station on property. We arrived at the airport at 12:00pm and returned the car. We went to the food court and purchase items for lunch. The food court seating area was full - absolutely no tables available and multiple parties looking for a table. We went to the seating area at one of the coffee shops back at the entry area. We ate lunch and then did some browsing through the Universal and Disney stores. Then we went through security and took the tram to our gate to wait for our flight. We had a lot of extra time, but it allowed DD to burn off some energy running around the terminal in one of the empty gates. I was dreading the return flight because of DDs reaction on the flight down, but she actually fell asleep during taxiing.

    She slept until our decent. I was also worried about her kicking the seat since GMA wasnt in front of her during this leg of the flight, but we were lucky since there was a small child in front of DD so any minor kicking was just ignored. DD was only awake for about the last hour and a half anyway. Our drive home was uneventful and we had all of Sunday to recuperate before heading back to work.


    It was a wonderful trip full of some unexpected events / issues, but enjoyable nonetheless. Now that we have returned and gotten through the holidays, we can begin planning our next excursion to our Happy Place! We are looking forward to a possible trip at the end of April / beginning of May to enjoy the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot and the wonderful temperatures of Florida in the spring.

    I hope that you have enjoyed reading our trip report and I hope that I did a decent job on my first crack at cataloging our trip. Have a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah day!
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    That was a great report. It looks as though your very cute DD had a magical time. Thanks for posting.


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    Such a nice report! I loved the photos of M with Snow White. So adorable!

    Working hard for that next WDW trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoobydooby View Post
    That was a great report. It looks as though your very cute DD had a magical time. Thanks for posting.
    You're welcome! I actually really enjoyed putting together this report because I was able to look back and see how much fun Marcie had.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TinaMouse View Post
    Such a nice report! I loved the photos of M with Snow White. So adorable!
    Thank you very much. She was soooo excited to see Snow White and then she was soooo shy when she actually went up to see her. Snow White was very patient with her and took a few moments just being friendly and talking about the bows in their hair being similar before taking the pictures.

    I have enjoyed reading all of your reports, so I thought I should share mine and see if others would enjoy reading about our trips as well!
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    What magical vacation. Your DD is just precious. I love the haircut pictures - just adorable.
    Thanks so much for taking us along. I really enjoyed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJ4Disney View Post
    What magical vacation. Your DD is just precious. I love the haircut pictures - just adorable.
    Thanks so much for taking us along. I really enjoyed it.
    Sharing Disney with others is one thing that I greatly enjoy as well. I am glad that I provided you with a few moments of Disney magic
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    Great trip report! Your DD is super cute! Thanks for sharing, makes me look forward to our trip in June.

    Have a Disney Day!
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    Great pictures and report! I am having so fun reading what others have done. It's just getting me super excited for my trip in a few months!



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