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Thread: Korkis Korner: Five Things I Miss About a WDW Christmas

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    Korkis Korner: Five Things I Miss About a WDW Christmas

    Five Things I Miss About a WDW Christmas by Jim Korkis

    Jim recalls some forgotten holiday traditions at the Florida resort.

    Read it here!

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    What a poignant and brilliant piece of writing. You absolutely captured the tradition and nostalgia of WDW Christmases past, as well as the obvious sentiment of spending those holidays with your parents.

    My wife and I were just talking about some of these same long-ago traditions, and Jolly Holidays at the Contemporary was certainly at the top of our list. There was something so special and traditional about sharing a family-style meal with all the fixings with strangers who became friends in the context of that show and the dinner we shared. We will miss that.

    We are heading down to WDW tomorrow for a long WDW Christmas weekend, and we will be attending the Very Merry Christmas Party. Always a great time, but it too will be missing some of its components from years past. Remember when each party guest would receive a metal button unique to the year of the party? Each had a theme and a great Christmas scene. We still have our collection of over ten or so, and we will be wearing them on the front of our sweaters like all guests used to do in years past. We still get folks and younger CMs ask us about them, and some of the older CMs still remember them, and the photo lines we all stood in for an "official" (not Photopass) memory of the evening. I would add that experience to your list.

    We understand that things change, and some of these traditions simply were outgrown or antiquated; however, great shows like Jolly Holidays and the Lights of Winter could be, and should be, part of WDW Christmas tradition. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    Thanks for this nostalgic look back at a WDW Christmas. Except for the first item on your list (the Port Orleans Christmas), my wife, daughter, and I were fortunate to have experienced all of these now-gone traditions. We especially miss the nativity presentation at Downtown Disney, which we saw in 1992. I guess the Candlelight Processional replaces that, but it's not quite the same without the actual nativity play. We participated in the Jolly Holidays dinner show in 1997. Both are highlights of our visits to Walt Disney World. It's really a shame that these wonderful presentations are no longer offered.

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    Dominic the Christmas Donkey and the Pretty Little Dolly.

    And this, which I was lucky enough to see just once:


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    Jim, I enjoyed your article and I agree that it is sad when beloved and beautiful traditions are discontinued. I want to reply to one tiny comment that you made, though.

    "Walt Disney World guests it is claimed are primarily tourists who have saved up for three years or more to visit and expect to see the traditional attractions and would be severely disappointed to see a holiday makeover instead."

    Your words "it is claimed" caught my attention, to me they almost seem to say "this is a sham excuse, but there it is". As a non-AP holder who does not have the opportunity to visit the parks frequently, it has been my experience that the perspectives of AP's can in fact be very different than the perspectives of the rest of us. AP's generally go often, so they do want to see something new and different, I think. If I were in their shoes, I'd likely feel the same way myself. But when you go less frequently, or perhaps only once in a lifetime, you often want to see the "classic" version. At least that is true for me.

    DL is my "home" park, I went there often as a child. As an adult, I have taken my DD12 there 3 times. I like to visit in early December for a variety of reasons, and I am saddened to see that the Haunted Mansion Holiday seems to be installed every single year. I would rather see the classic version myself, I never really liked the movie that the overlay was based on in the first place. But the suits do what they need to do to generate the most business, and that means giving the APs the overlay each year in DL even if it disappoints less frequent visitors like me.

    I think it might "be claimed" that Walt Disney World guests are primarily tourists who expect to see the traditional attractions and would be severely disappointed to see a holiday makeover instead because it just might be true.

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    When I read the title of this piece, the first thing I thought of was the Lights of Winter in Epcot. I haven't been back at Christmas since they stopped putting them up. It seems like such a trivial thing, but for whatever reason that lighting canopy was one of the highlights of my Christmas in the World. And the public statements giving the reasons for its demise never quite rang true to me.

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    Wow, I'd love to see any and all of these features at WDW today. The most surprising loss is of course the Jolly Holiday show, since it generated revenue and sold out. I guess they feel that MVMCP alone is enough hassle so they don't want to bother redoing a ballroom once a year.

    The Country Bear excuse is such a load of crap. Honestly - how many guests went into City Hall with complaints of being disappointed that it was a Christmas show? lol come on.



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