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Thread: Disneyland Resort Update

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    Disneyland Resort Update

    Disneyland Resort Update by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix
    Update for November 28 - December 4, 2011
    The new Disneyland Hotel | The crab is back! (Oh, and Pirates reopened...) | Spring 2012 refurbishment schedule | The sweet side of Christmas at DCA | Passholder events and discounts | This and That... | Crowd Forecast

    Read it here!

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    Are the only Christmas decorations at the Disneyland hotel the two trees outside the one shop, and the little corner dedicated to Santa? All the photos of the check in area seemed really 'stark' to me without some sort of holiday decor.


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    I love POTC as much as the next person it is one of my favorite rides in the park no visit is complete without a ride or 4 on it but why would anyone act like that it is the problem with people these days they act like they are the most important person who ever walked the face of the earth and manners are so gone I love when in at the store and my 3 year old will say excuse me the looks she gets are great they look at her like wow who are you and why are you acting like that.

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    Great update. However I must say this, the people who started chanting and wanting their money back just because Pirates wasn't able to open when the park did due to problems should have their heads examined.

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    I see the Matterhorn will be closed again in 2012 for six months. Is this attraction ever open for twelve months at a stretch? Wasn't it just closed for a lengthy refurbishment within the last couple of years? Seems like it must have some serious age-related issues.

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    I'm sad that they took out the giant Mickey at the entrance of the Disneyland Hotel.

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