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Thread: Universal Studios Hollywood with a baby?

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    Universal Studios Hollywood with a baby?

    Our flight arrives on a Monday around 10am, and we're planning on picking up our rental car and heading straight to Universal. I figure after getting out of LAX, getting the car, eating lunch we'll be there around 1-2pm.

    We'll have a just turned 8 month old with us, and I'm also pregnant so I won't be doing much for rides. The ticket we got was a multiday ticket, so hubby and older kids are thinking of going two days in a row.

    Couple of questions:

    - My 9 year old son will likely be all over the water area and I have a sneaking feeling I'll be there with him while hubby and 15 yro go do the rides that are too scary for him. Is there seats and shaded areas that I can sit in with the baby while he plays?

    - I keep reading the food isn't great, and people suggested eating at City Walk instead? Opinions?

    - Will we want to go back a second day? We're arriving 9/12 so its a Monday after school has started, not sure on the crowd levels?

    - Would you take an 8 month old on the studio tour? It sounded great at first then I read up on it more, sounds like there are loud scenes - I read about a dinosaur attack, earthquake and fire? Wasn't sure how intense or loud those are? I also have read to sit in the 3rd car/tram, that the 1st is loud and the 4th is over the engine and gets hot?

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    Yes, there are small bleacher like seats with a shade structure by the water play area. There are changing rooms and restrooms behind it, and last year they had a GIANT person dryer, I don't know the cost on it as we always take their swimsuits and towels if they are going to play in it. Also, they are required to wear shoes (flip flops) of some type in the water area. We didn't realize this and had to buy flip flops for one of them and water socks for the other.

    Food.... We always eat at the Jurassic Cafe anymore since they have Pizza Hut pizzas and Panda Express along with the burgers. (If your multi day ticket is an AP you get 10% off, this includes the buy a day get the rest of the year but I don't think the buy a day get another free does. You can also show your AAA card for a 10% discount). Our family of 6 is right around $50 for lunch. Your monday will most likely have 6pm close so dinner could be elsewhere easily. (We usually get something on the way back to Anaheim. We have eaten in the CityWalk, but don't feel the need to leave the park to do it, the food is pretty good for an Amusement park.

    Your crowd levels should be pretty good. If you haven't been there before I would suggest the second day. With the shortened hours it is difficult to see all the shows. Don't miss WaterWorld!

    Might I suggest soft ear plugs for the little guy? I haven't thought before about an 8 month old on the Studio Tour. I have seen babies on it. I don't know that I have ever noticed any crying or anything. It is loud. The new King Kong 360 is pretty intense. If you are going to do both days, You or Daddy could go on a make a judgement call for your child.

    9 year old, the only thing my 9 y/o refuses to do is the House of Horrors. She has done it in the past but did NOT like it at all. (There are live actors inside, fyi) She LOVES all the other rides.

    ETA: I have seen You tube videos of the tram even the new King Kong part, they should give you a good feel for it.

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    I had another thought, ok I had several but can only remember one. Make sure and get a stationary seat in both Shrek and Terminator for yourself. Terminator is very loud as well, and intense, part is screens, part is live actors, and part is animatronics, I would consider child swap for this.
    They do have a child swap set up for all the big rides (height limit rides). There is a small play room by both Jurassic Park and inside the Mummy building if you desire. I realize you won't be riding, but is good info to have.
    I remembered you said you probably wouldn't get there until 1 or 2 the first day in which case you will definately want the second day. Going on the shorter days is less crowded like I said (a lot of times its only a 5 or 10 minute wait for both Jurassic Park and the Mummy) but the shows have specific times and is harder to hit them all in one short day. Ideally we like a day and a half, and spend the rest of the other day re-doing anything we want again.
    Also, they are more strict about outside food than Disneyland, but we do get Starbucks in the Citywalk and go through the gate with it with no problems at all. (There is also a Jamba Juice in the City Walk)
    Oh, and it's hard to see/tell but there is a play structure behind the water area, and a building with a ball play area I guess you'd call it. Not really a ball pit but you pick up foam balls, there are "cannons" etc to shoot them at people, an area on the floor where you vacuum them up and when the basket in the ceiling gets full, it dumps on the kids. My kids love it. The kids are supposed to be dry when they go in, so you could probably let the baby toddle/crawl around inside.

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    Thank you so much! Great info!

    I will check into the ear plugs for the baby, and check out YouTube. At this point I wasn't planning on taking him on anything except sitting through the outside shows up high in the bleachers (WaterWorld, Animal Antics (?)) and was only considering the studio tour. I keep reading about parents taking the studio tour but I think this was pre King Kong and its changed since then. And love the play room idea for JP and Mummy, if anything I'm sure it will be an air conditioned place to sit with baby while I wait.

    I did read about extra clothes & towel for wet kids, and shoes so I have planned to pack that right on top for the 9 year old.

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    Wet is an understatement, there is a large bucket that fills and dumps on them.
    You would probably like the Shrek show. When A was younger she just didn't like to wear the glasses, without the stuff coming at her she enjoyed it more. She still won't wear them in "It's tough to be a bug" at DCA, but will wear them in Shrek now.
    Walmart carries the squishy ear plugs, I believe I have seen smaller ones, but you kinda roll them so they are narrow and then put them in. (My husband has to have them for his power tools at work by Osha standards, so he buys them by the jar full.)
    I think the biggest thing with the tram and the baby is it moves during King Kong and the earthquake part. Like drops and shakes. It could also be something (its about 45 minutes) that you and your husband could do seperately. Maybe one of you one day and the other the second day. I wonder though, the first car of the tram is set up for handicap people to load ahead of time, you might ask, it might not move as much. As far as loud, it isn't any louder than any of the other cars as far as I can tell.



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