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Thread: Korkis Korner: Lunch at the Disney Family Museum

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    Korkis Korner: Lunch at the Disney Family Museum

    Lunch at the Disney Family Museum by Jim Korkis

    Jim recounts the day he spent at the San Francisco museum and his special lunchmates.

    Read it here!

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    Thanks for the article, a great primer for my visit next week.

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    Could have listened all day

    I was really fortunate to be at the museum to listen to Jim's presentation. I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of the topic, however the way Jim presented it, I could have listened all day. What a terrific speaker. I really appreciated that he reminded those in attendance about how great our little museum is.

    He mentions how Diane is so knowledgeable and interested in Disney history. I can attest to that. She often attends the events and will add a comment or two which always gets a laugh or "I didn't know that" from the audience. (See, yet another reason to visit the Museum)

    Anyway, back to Jim. He was so kind and gracious to meet with us after the program to get a picture and autograph our books. He even sketched Mickey and Goofy in addition to signing his name. I told him and told those in charge of the event that I hope he will be able to come back and present again on more topics.

    What a real treat that day was.

    Heather (first in line)

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    Great article. I always love hearing stories about Ron Miller. I think that he got a raw deal at Disney.
    I hope that one day (hopefully before Ron dies) that he gets the credit he deserves.
    I would LOVE to see him become a Disney Legend.

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    What a great set of stories Jim. Thank goodness there is an historian somewhere looking after Disney!

    Jeff Kober

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    Why San Fran?

    Great article, Jim! Thank you! Quick question that I'm just going to throw out there, only semi-related, really: Why on earth is the Disney family museum in San Fran?

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    From what I know, the family made a conscious decision not to have it near Anaheim as it might get lost in the shuffle with the theme park crowd. It really is the Walt Disney Family Museum, not all about Disneyland.

    I also read that most of the family is now living around the bay area. And that some of the grandkids are doing their own presentation next month.

    Hope that helps...

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    Why Say Francisco? True, Diane Disney Miller and her very large family have been Northern California residents for a many years but San Francisco's Presidio, the property where the Disney Family Museum now sits, is an absolutely gorgeous setting. The Presidio in San Francisco is also the headquarters for George Lucas's Industrial Light & Magic and LucasArts.

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