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Thread: More Mouse: An Evening at Trader Sam's

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    More Mouse: An Evening at Trader Sam's

    An Evening at Trader Sam's by Britt Winslow

    A perfect place to sit back and relax at the Disneyland Resort.

    Read it here!

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    Love this new hangout at the Disneyland Hotel. It's crazy that Disney's Polynesian Resort doesn't concoct the same experience. They have a location where it could occur, and it would be a terrific hangout for many people.

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    Thumbs up Thanks for the review!

    I am looking forward to visiting Trader Sam's during my stay at the Disneyland Hotel next month. Thank you for the review. The bar stools and shipwreck effect remind me of the Adventurers Club at WDW. Looks like they pulled some ideas from the (unfortunately) closed club.

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    The sinking ship in the bottle looks very much like the one behind the bar in the Library at the Adventurer's Club. Wonder if it's the same piece.

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    I am wondering the same thing. It is very possible that they reused this element. The Adventurer's Club had some great special effects that deserve to live on.

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    Trader Sam's is truly amazing. I was just there Saturday evening and had a great time.

    At one point (depending on a certain drink order) the lights went out as an overhead rainstorm was heard, there was even lightning outside the windows.

    I'm going back for good!

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    It's so nice to read such nice things about a Disney location that serves alcohol! I enjoy my libations when visiting a Disney park or hotel, and I'll have to put Sam's on my list. Britt, since you like the vodka martinis, may I suggest a visit to the Uva Bar in Downtown Disney for an Absolute vodka martini with frangelico instead of vermouth. Chances are the bartenders will say "Hey, that the drink that a guy from Texas drinks!" And that'd be ME!!!

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    Thumbs up

    Great article.


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