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Thread: More Mouse: The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure

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    More Mouse: The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure

    The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix

    Go under the sea with the Imagineers of the new ride at Disney California Adventure

    Read it here!

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    The Little Mermaid attraction for DCA looks great. Sounds like its a fun ride. I wish that I could be there for the opening.

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    Sorry, but the ending is what ruined it. The ride was pleasant enough and clearly technologically superior to other dark rides, but the whole thing still feels like an afterthought. I don't understand why Disney has been so bent on getting their Little Mermaid ride built in the long run, especially when they could have just made a dark ride for any number of Pixar films (DCA is slowly becoming Disney Pixar Adventure, anyway),

    There will be a debate on whether it should be strictly a ride or a retelling of the film, but this one ends about as abruptly as Snow White's Scary Adventures, minus a scene that at least properly deals with the villain before moving on to Happily Ever After.

    I'm glad it's there to serve as a crowd-absorber, but after these many years waiting, I'll still opt for the Haunted Mansion if I want an Omnimover experience.

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    Yes but the important thing to remember is she has great hair! ;-)

    "Although we think it's DOPEY that Pluto has been downgraded to a dwarf planet, which has made some people GRUMPY and others just SLEEPY, we are not BASHFUL in saying we would be HAPPY if Disney's Pluto would join us as an 8th dwarf. We think this is just what the DOC ordered and is nothing to SNEEZE at."

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    I think the ride is just fine. What I am dying to know is if there is some kind of "tribute" to Golden Dreams incorporated somewhere. I've been on the ride five times now, and tried to look, but there are so many details and things to look at, and, I'm sure it probably won't be something that is obvious and stands out.



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