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Thread: Problems with kids' names on t-shirts?

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    Problems with kids' names on t-shirts?

    Friends, I've been spending a lot of time drooling at the Creative DISigns thread a tthe DIS forums ( and have made t-shirt designs with my kids' names on them. I'm about to put them onto t-shirts when my husband objects, saying he doesn't think it's safe to put kids' names on their shirts. I must admit, I've heard this all my life but thought that there is kind of a "Disneyland exception" to the rule. We won't ever be far from our kids, Disneyland is a safe place, and there won't be problems with adults knowing our kids' names.

    Has anyone taken kids into Disneyland with their names on their shirts? Has it been a problem for you? Does anyone have thoughts to share about this? I appreciate all the good advice I've gotten from you all on other subjects and hope you'll be able to enlighten me on this one too.

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    i have never put my kids names on their shirts however i have gotten them the mouse ears with their names on it, however that was a long time ago. if my kids were younger today, i would probably not put their names on anything where everyone can see it. You just never know. i would rather be safe than sorry.

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    A LOT of kids wear birthday buttons with their names on them - or (as mentioned) the ear hats. I probably would do it with small kids that were ALWAYS going to be with one of you - but if they got to a slightly older age I wouldn't. (Plus by then they likely wouldn't WANT to wear their names on their shirts.

    Even as an adult, when I had my MA button on with my name on it a couple of weekends ago, it was kind of odd to have a CM greet me by name. It was odder when the security CM did once in WDW and I WASN'T wearing a name tag or button - until I realized I'd put my sticky one on the inside flap of my purse and was holding my purse open for him to check for contraband. (And it is security at WDW, but not at DL that check bags.)


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    I agree with Drince. I would be fine with it- maybe give your kids an extra stranger danger talk if you are worried about someone saying "Bobby, let me show you this toy" and him going because he knew his name. I am not really a worrier though. I might feel funny about it as they were a little older (maybe 8?) but as Drince said, they probably wouldn't want to wear a shirt with their name on it by then anyway!

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    My kids are older now (13 and 17) but when they started to go to WDW and our one trip to DL, they had name tags with their names that looked like CM name tags but are red. My kids loved that the CM's and face characters knew their names and could spell their names correctly! As a 13 y/o my daughter still has a back pack with her first name on it but she knows to ask anyone for her code word or code name and would never go with anyone who did not have those words. That is something that has been drilled into their heads since before they were let out of our sight.

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    We did the shirts you've seen with no problems. Our kids are young enough that they aren't away from us at all. It's was fun when the CMs adresses them by name "Princess M.." and the characters would personalize their autographs to the kids. Minnie wrote "to Princess M... Love, Minnie". The names on most of their designs are smaller and dont jump off the shirt noticeably unless you are up close already. I see it as nothing different then the buttons or the ears.

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    If you are nervous about putting their names, perhaps you can put their initials on them? In calligraphy would look nice to dress it up a little.

    When my DD's were younger and we traveled. They had their own carry on bags with just their initials embroidered on them.

    Their luggage tags just had the first initial with the last name. Even when we were in line and airport security asked them their name when looking at their boarding pass, my kids looked at me first to see if it was ok to tell them their name. But, that's just me.


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    Maybe your husband is just worried about after Disneyland, that would be what would worry me. At Disney I would encourage it, but in the real world not so much. Therefore if you put rules on when they can wear those shirts outside of Disney, everyone should be happy.

    P.S. I would still have an extra talk about strangers knowing their names just in case.




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