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Thread: Magical Express Bus Crash

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    Magical Express Bus Crash

    Apparently this happened this morning -,1746533.story

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    Yikes- glad to see no-one was seriously hurt, but what a way to start your trip.

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    According to another story, it looks like they were on the way back to the airport. A nasty way to end your trip. And there were 50 people on the bus; I assume they missed their flights.

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    I expect we'll learn more as the investigation continues, but I don't think I've ever been on a DME bus that was aggressive at stop lights, i.e. going through on yellow. Of course the DME driver could have been distracted, if he is at fault at all.

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    bus drivers

    i agree about the bus drivers driving . I have been to disney numerous times and all the drivers are very cautious, sometimes a few have been too slow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mc potts View Post
    all the drivers are very cautious, sometimes a few have been too slow.
    I did have one who took corners a bit too fast but otherwise I agree with you!
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    This made our local news because some cheerleaders from Northern California were on the bus. They finally made it home tonight.

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    This could have been a traffic light malfunction or shortcoming or setup error.

    The truck driver said he had a flashing yellow light. The bus driver said he had a green light. The time of day 5:00 AM is a common time for a traffic signal to switch from flashing yellow for the truck and flashing red for the bus (night operation) to red for the truck and green for the bus(day operation). But there should be a reasonable time in between to make the change including some green followed by steady yellow for the main street (for the truck).

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    But flashing yellow means "slow down and proceed with caution", not "go through at full speed with no regard to if anyone else is coming along or not."


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    I watched you very carefully. Red light stop, green light go, yellow light go very fast.
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