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Thread: Mouse Flicks: Disneyland's Storybook Land Canal Boats

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    Mouse Flicks: Disneyland's Storybook Land Canal Boats

    Disneyland's Storybook Land Canal Boats by Mike Morizio

    Ride along the banks of Disneyland's Storybook Land Canal Boats and see if you can recognize which scenes the incredible miniatures represent.

    Read it here!

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    Nice little shot of Disney for the morning, thank you!!! I've been on this ride three times in 13 years and had no trouble recognizing anything. It's not a huge priority but we do try to go on it every trip. 'Going on the ride' this morning was a wonderful treat - thank you again!

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    thank you for the ride, I didn't understand the bear in florida, did pooh take over toads wild ride? Great to see Casey coming around the bend!!! thank you again

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    Thank you both for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the video.

    "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" did indeed replace "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. I believe it happened about 11 years ago. At the time, a number of Mr. Toad loyalists were very unhappy with the change. In fact, there were actually several (extremely peaceful) demonstrations in Fantasyland!

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    I haven't been on this in a loooooonnnnnggggg time. Even though I just saw the video, I need to go on it next time I'm there.


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