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Thread: Wade's Wayback Machine: Wade Sampson's Last Column

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    Wade's Wayback Machine: Wade Sampson's Last Column

    Wade Sampson's Last Column by Wade Sampson

    Wade reveals the surprising identity of a long-time MousePlanet columnist

    Read it here!

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    Wade, er, um, Jim

    Thanks for the many years of great history and articles as Wade Sampson - and I look forward to many more as the real Jim Korkis

    "[Disneyland] has that thing - the imagination, and the feeling of happy excitement - I knew when I was a kid." - Walt Disney

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    Thank you, Jim, for so many great articles as "Wade". I have enjoyed reading them, and eagerly anticipated Wednesdays to see what Wade had to share next. I've learned from them, shared them, and even used them as (cited) resources to help answer other people's questions.

    Now, I eagerly look forward to doing the same with your columns as "yourself".

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    Wow! The title of this article scared me. I was afraid you weren't going to be writing here anymore. But, this makes it even better. Kinda neat to find out that two of my favorite Disney people are actually one. I've enjoyed reading your stuff here for quite a while, and I really enjoy listening to you on WDW Radio and look forward to reading and hearing even more.

    Out of curiosity, what are you doing now? Are you employed?

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    Wade's Secret

    Several years ago one of Wade's articles made me do more research on the subject. I found something interesting and I confronted MousePlanet about it. The result ended up with an e-mail from Jim Korkis explaining he was Wade, or the other way around. He informed me that he was working on a book and that some and that some day he'd be able to reveal the real Wade Sampson but for now he asked me to keep the secret going. Anyway, whenever I read Wade's articles and he is interviewing Disney historian Jim Korkis I would laugh because he was interviewing himself.

    Then when I saw last week's post that it was Wade's last column and he had a secret to reveal, I knew the secret. But I was more worried that he would stop writing for MousePlanet. I was very relieved to see that he will continue writing as himself.

    Keep up the great work Jim!!



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