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Thread: More Mouse: Tour Review: A Walk in Walt's Footsteps

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    More Mouse: Tour Review: A Walk in Walt's Footsteps

    Tour Review: A Walk in Walt's Footsteps by Contributing Writer

    Annemarie Moody reviews one of the most popular Disneyland guided tours

    Read it here!

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    Thanks for the review. We've done the tour twice, several years ago. I'm glad they're using the audio devices for the tour. We had them for a different tour, but they weren't using it on this tour both times that we took it. It was very difficult for the entire group to hear the tour guide most of the time, which detracted some from the tour. I'm glad to hear that hearing the guide is no longer an issue.

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    We were just at DLR and did this tour. We had someone with us that is almost 13 and she loved it. So it probably depends on the child. We thought we would know all of the information, but were happy to learn new things.
    With the listening devices it was fun to be walking down main street with your own soundtrack. I actually wanted to dance and skip, but I didn't as I realized that the people not on the tour would not understand. Actually the people on the tour, including my family would probably have thought I was nuts.
    Thank you for the great review.
    We highly recommend this tour to others.


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    This sounds like a fun and informative tour. The price is reasonable also. Thanks for the report Annemarie.

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    A Walk In Walt's Footsteps Tour Review

    Nice review of the tour. I've been taking A Walk In Walt's Footsteps Tour on my birthday the last 6+ years and have learned something new each tour. A nice touch at the end of the tour is receiving the "Walk" pin. Each guide has been interesting and informative. One guide in particular stood out and I was fortunate enough to have her as my guide twice. Her name is Mary. If you're very lucky you may even get a ride on the Lilly Belle. That happened on one my tours a few years back and hasn't happened since.

    I've met some diehard Disney fans on the tour and some first time Disneyland visitors. The tour is well worth the price and more so with the 20% discount for AP's, Disney Visa card holders, and AAA members.

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    Thanks to the author for the review! I'm surprised to read that 3 hours might be pushing the limits for some people; My wife and I did WDW's Backstage Magic tour in 2007 and REALLY enjoyed it; that is ~7 hours. I would think hard core fans would enjoy something similar @ DL. (FYI, we're trying to [slowly since we currently can only swing 2 two Disney trips a year] work our way through multiple different tours & seasons at both coasts...)

    Quote Originally Posted by lhira View Post
    I've been taking A Walk In Walt's Footsteps Tour on my birthday
    I'm doing the tour for my first time on Oct. 19th for MY birthday! Great to hear so many good things about it. The waiting to book it is driving me crazy though; I like making my reservations @ 11 months out for DVC rooms and 180 days for WDW ADRs & tours!
    -Craig => DVC owner @ BLT, VGC, AKV, & VWL + D23 first day member (and if we didn't live so far away I'd be in the parks a LOT more!!! )



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