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Thread: Motorized Wheelchairs at Disneyland

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    Motorized Wheelchairs at Disneyland

    I have a friend who is recovering from knee surgery and is taking a motorized wheelchair with her to Disneyland next week. She is trying to decide whether it would be necessary to stay at a hotel across the street or if she could get to and from the parking lots with her motorized wheelchair. She needs the chair for long distances but can walk when needed. Also, does anyone know how much it costs to rent a motorized wheelchair at Disneyland? This is an area I know nothing about.

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    If she has the option to bring her own, I'd suggest that over renting one in the parks. The walk from the rental kiosk to the trams for the parking lots is pretty long and you can't take the resort rentals out into DTD at all. I don't know the current rental rate for the ecv but they are pricey.

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    Arer you actually talking about a motorized wheelchair, which usually is customized for the person and controlled by a joystick, or are you talking about an Electric Convenience Vehiclce (ECV, scooter), which is usually controlled by a tiller with handlebar (as a tricycle)?

    Disney does not rent out motorized wheelchairs, it only rents out regular wheelchairs and ECVs. And for rental of a motorized wheelchair you would have to go to a regular medical supply house and they would have to find out what your needed setting are.

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