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Thread: Welcome to the Disneyland Resort Photo and Video forum!

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    Welcome to the Disneyland Resort Photo and Video forum!

    This new forum is your place to share your photos and videos from the Disneyland Resort, including Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure and the Disneyland Resort Hotels. Whether it's the photos from your last vacation, or a neat video from a special park event, this is the place to showcase your talents!

    There are several ways you can share your photos:

    MousePlanet Photo Album

    Every MousePad account comes with a MousePad photo album. You can upload photos to your personal MousePad account, and post them here and also share them with friends and family. To start using your MousePad Photo Album, select Pictures and Albums from the Community link above (or just Click Here.)

    3rd Party Hosting

    If you have an online photo album on a site like Snapfish or Shutterfly, you can post a link to your photo, or embed it using the [img] (inline image) tag.

    How to include a photo in a post

    Once your photo is posted, copy the url of the image (a string of text starting with http://) and click on the image button () in the editing toolbar. Paste the url in the pop-up box as instructed and click OK. The url should appear between the [img] tags, and when you submit your post, the image should appear where the tags are.


    If you would prefer, you can also attach an image that is within the size guidelines (400x400 px, 20kb). You are limited to one attachment per post, so uploading your images to your MousePlanet Album or a 3rd party site is the best way to share multiple images.


    The MousePad Photo Album does not support video hosting. If you would like to share a video, the easiest way is to upload your video to a site like YouTube, and then embed or link to that video. Click Here for detailed instructions on how to include a YouTube video in your MousePlanet post.

    General Policies:

    • New members must have at least 15 posts before you may post inline images.
    • Animated photos and images are not permitted. If you wish to upload video, please follow those guidelines above.
    • You must own the rights to any photo or image you post. In general, you own the copyright if you created the image yourself. You do not own the copyright of a photograph by simply purchasing a copy (unless the original photographer sold his publication rights to you). An item does not have to show the (C) copyright symbol to be copyrighted.

    We hope you enjoy this new forum! If you have any questions about how to use your MousePad Photo Album, or how to include photos or videos in your posts, please just ask!

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