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Thread: Posting cast member names

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    Posting cast member names

    In an effort to protect the privacy of Disney cast members, you may only post their names on MousePad if they fall under one of these four rules:

    Rule #1: The cast members are well-known already and wear a visible name badge of their first name "onstage" (in public) while performing their job duties. Cast member ID cards on lanyards do not qualify, and you may not post their last names. Examples include Maynard (Haunted Mansion, Tiki Room, etc), Oscar (chef at Carnation Cafe), and Rod (former Coke Corner piano player).

    Rule #2: The cast members are identified by first and last name in a show program, press release, theater marquee, or other Disney publication released to the general public. Cast member exclusive or backstage publications do not qualify.

    Rule #3: The cast members are Disney officers, executives, Imagineers, or other notable personalities. Examples include Cynthia Harriss, Jay Rasulo, Michael Eisner, Dave Smith, and Tony Baxter.

    Rule #4: The cast members have signed up on MousePad, identified themselves as cast members, and have published their first and last name in their MousePad member profiles.

    You are strictly prohibited from naming and identifying cast members who appear on stage as characters. These include both "head characters" such as Mickey and Minnie, as well as "face characters," such as the Mad Hatter and Snow White.

    Infractions of the above rules will result in your post being edited for content to remove the name of the cast members, and a warning sent to you to not do so again. As with other community policies, repeat offenses will be noted, and flagrant abuse may lead to account suspension.

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