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Thread: Caribbean Beach Refurb?

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    Caribbean Beachv Refurb?

    Has any one been to the Caribbean Beach Resort since its fall closure for renovations? Also did they refurb the restaurant there as promised. We have stayed there before and plan to go again this summer. Also have all the buildings completed thier refurb. Any help would be appreciated.
    We are planning an Early July Vacation , any comments on the weather and lines?

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    I will be at Caribbean in two weeks so I will report back at that time about the refurb and the restaurant.

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    I have seen a few pictures and some descriptions of the changes at Old Port Royale. The moved the restaurant completely to a new location. It is now located where you would first enter the food court area from the Martiniques section. You can no longer enter through that door. The food court was reveamped in that you now order and get your food and then go to a central check out like at Dixie Landings. The seating area for the food court has been redone with a bit of a new look. It is all still bright and colorful though.

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    Cant wait to hear, We are going in July , not booked yet
    but will be soon.



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