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Thread: Great new AAA ticket deal

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    Whoa! Great new AAA ticket deal

    I just found out about this deal, and it sounds better than the 5 day for the price of 3 deal for $119.

    This ticket package does not require any air or hotel purchase, you can just buy this package, which is $122.75 per person for those 10 and over.

    5 day park hopper
    Multiple attraction FastPass (The "Unlimited" option)
    Breakfast in the park (one per person)
    Free ESPN Zone arena game card ($10 value)
    AAA Free parking at the Disneyland Resort Theme Parks

    So, for $3.75 more than the standard 5 day PH, you get breakfast, free parking, plus the right to hold one FastPass FOR EACH ATTRACTION at a time. Well worth the extra $3.75!

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    Yes and this deal, minus the free parking is available to those aren't AAA members via Disneyland's Website, at least it was there the other day.

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    DisneyGuy, the basic 5 day for the price of 3 PH is available at, but the extras, including breakfast is not...

    Here is more info on the PassportPlus packages, you can get them for 6, 7 and 8 day lengths......

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    Like I said, it was there the other day, including Breakfast, but I do not know what the price was.....also, I don't suppose you know where the breakfast is at, do you?

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    As mentioned in the link

    Breakfast in the Park (one per person, at Club Buzz or Pacific Wharf, $8.75 value)
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    We used our breakfast voucher to help pay for Goofy's Kitchen~usually you don't *have* to eat where they are designated. We were told they were worth $8.50 at any DL/DCA rest. that served breakfast.
    Unlimited fastpass, now that's interesting!

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    Just wanted to update people on trying to get these tickets. I called the park, AAA several times with people insisting (even though the AAA brochure says exactly what's stated above) that you must have a package to get this.

    Finally yesterday, my husband sat at AAA while the agent was on the phone with Disney for over an hour. Every number she called told her to call a different one. Finally, she got the right number which, strangely enough, had a WDW area code (407-566-4985). This is where she spent an hour on hold and kept getting put back on hold before we finally got to order.

    One thing they really kept insisting on was a "start" date for the ticket. We kept trying to make sure then that this wasn't a "length of stay" type ticket, but I guess they need to make sure you will have "5 working days" for them to ship the tickets out. They also said the tickets must go to an AAA office, not a residence.

    On another board, someone went through all of this, and was still sent the plain 3 for 5 day tickets without all the extras. I know my agent was getting frustrated trying to get these tickets. I'll let you all know in a week or so if we get them and if they're the right ones. Has anyone else had experience with these tickets? How did you get them? Are we just having a problem because we're waaaay out here in Michigan? Thanks!

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    This is exactly what we need.

    We have 2 Honeymooner kids that we're sending to Disneyland for their Honeymoon. This ticket option would be great! I'm going to the Iowa AAA office tomorrow to try for this. But I know the first question they'll ask is, "Where did you see this offer?" Which brochure was this offer shown in? I want to be able to show the AAA agent this offer in writing, so she doesn't think I'm imagining it. Thanks!


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    check at it should have some details there.

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    The offer for this pass is in all the standard Disneyland color 8x11 brochures. For instance, the 2003 Disneyland Walt Disney Travel Company brochure explains it at the bottom of page 18. Usually the AAA brochure is almost identical, so look in about the same location.


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    Sure enough, I found it at the bottom of page 18, for 122.75 per person over 10 it includes all the extras darkbeer posted except the parking. I guess that is the advantage of going through AAA.


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    Smile Thank you sooo much!

    Thank you so much, Mary and Kimberly, for the info. about the brochure. We will try to get to AAA Mon. or Tues. and try to find one of the brochures. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks to everyone who found this offer.


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    Passport Plus Tickets from AAA

    Yesterday, AAA was closed for MLK day, so we finally got there today. The agent we got insisted twice that we needed to buy a travel package in order to get these tickets. We finally had to underline, in red, the part on page 18, where it said you could buy them even though you didn't need accommodations or airfare.
    She finally gave in and started calling around. The people she called also gave her the "only if they're buying the package" run a round. Finally, they also gave in and said these 3 day + 2 more day park hopper tickets could be bought without a package deal. They also wanted a start date and explained that all 5 days would expire within 13 days from the start date. There would also be a charge of $13 for shipping and handling for the pair of tickets. It was $122.75 plus $13.
    We finally decided to just leave. We just weren't sure that we were getting the straight story. Has anyone else been told that they are limited to 13 days and also charged the $13 shipping fee? Just wondered. To top it off, our agent we got was fairly nasty about helping us, because we weren't buying a package. We didn't deserve that, nobody does. When anyone finally receives their tickets, it would be interesting to hear your story. Thanks!


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    It appears they want to make money off the packages. Must be a corporate thing distributed down the chain.

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    We still haven't received our actual tickets to give you info, but did get a fax from Disney confirming our order. We did have to pay the $13 (handling fee) mentioned. Nobody seemed to be sure if the tickets expired in 13 days or 1 year. Disney first told us a year, then said they thought it might be 13 days. The ones you buy online (buy 3 days, get 5) are only good for the 13 days after so I wouldn't be surprised if it was. It didn't make a difference to us since we'll be in CA only for 10 days and won't be going back anytime soon. We also encountered the AAA agent who was getting frustrated with both us and Disney and obviously wasn't making much money on the deal without a package! I'll let you all know when I get them!

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    Not to be nitpicky here, buit the 5 for 3 deal expires after 14 days, not 13, I am not doubting that they told you 13, only stating that according to the ticket media they are wrong.

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    Most (not all) multi-day tickets say "Expires 13 days after first use.", which is the 'fuse' on the ticket. They would also say "First entry must be by 01/08/2004" or something of that nature. So, that date printed on the ticket is the expiration for it's first day. But once you start the fuse, it must be used within that time period. It's a way of making sure there aren't tons of OLD tickets out there being used. It'd be nice if ticket media never changed, like Walt Disney World's, but I suppose it's a way of keeping revenue up and the ability to change ticket media pricing and policies more easily.

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    Need some help please.

    Hello all,
    I'm from Indiana and a member of AAA and they are telling me that they can't even GET Disneyland tickets to sell much less the 3 for 5 plus unlimited FP that Darkbeer mentioned. Can anyone please help me or give me a number to call so I can get these tickets? I'm going to be there in the June 6-14th time and already have air.


    Jeff the Disney Fan

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    I don't know if this helps, but, I checked on the AAA site under locations with Travel Agencies.

    Hopefully they can tell you what to do.

    You can also go to the AAA site and see if there is anyone you can call closer or email.

    This is the S. Cal site.

    Good luck!!!

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    Jeff, try the 407-566-4985 number I mentioned in my post above (2 posts ago!). That's where our AAA agent ordered the tickets from. However, I'm still waiting to receive the actual tickets. I did now get mail from them confirming the order however, listing all the things including the unlimited FP's but still am waiting on the tickets. They told us they'd send them out about 3 weeks before our trip. Wednesday is 3 weeks so I hope I get them soon!

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    Ok, it is never a 13 day fuse, it's 14 day fuse on the tickets and Disneyland is usually pretty good at taking care of expired tickets anyway, if you have an expired ticket, that wasn't a comp ticket, go on up to the ticket booth and see what they'll do for you. And the 14 days start on the first day you use the pass, they shouldn't need a start date for that. I am wondering why everyone is having such trouble getting these from AAA? Is there anyone that hasn't had trouble with getting this package? I am trying to get that section of my website up to date and any information would be appreciated.

    Also, it would appear that there is a $13 handling fee? Why would it cost this much for shipping and handling of pieces of paper?

    As soon as I can gather all the nessecary information, I will put it under the AAA discount section of my website in a way that you can print it out, get the appropriate brochure and walk into them and say, here's what I want, I don';t need to buy accomodations to get it, here's where it says this.....Hopefully I'll be abkle to accomplish this, to make it a little easier on everyone.

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    Disneyguy - it's on page 18 of the AAA catalog itself. It states exactly what we've all been saying (although no info on expiration dates is listed there) and says specifically "If you're visiting the Disneyland Resort but don't need accommodations, Disney's Passport Plus is designed for you!" It then lists the extras and rates for 5-8 day passes. In the fine print at the bottom it only says "additional handling fee per mailing address" and "must be booked at least five business days before usage".

    Still, our agent tried to insist we must have a package (ie air or at least hotel) to get it. Calling Disneyland directly twice (both ticketing and guest services) no one had heard of it and insisted it was something you would only be able to get in a package with a hotel. Even after we showed the agent the information, she said we'd need to call Disney ourselves. Not sure how we were supposed to do that since no number is listed, and after she finally got through to them they insisted they had to ship it to a AAA office, not a person.

    As far as the $13 handling fee, can you say profit? When I ordered regular (non-AAA) tickets from, there was only a $3 fee for the whole order.

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    Ok, I believe this, I am just so suprised that they can just be so flat out against what the brochure says, that is more than a little pathetic. Has anyone not had problems? Perhaps anyone who lives in California? I really do want to know. Also can anyone scan in page 18 of the book (I am not a AAA member) and PM me and I will get them my e-mail address, so I can post this page on my website, maybe even circle or underline the appropriate parts of the page as well?

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    We are still getting the run around.

    Everytime we contact AAA they keep telling us that you have to buy a package to get these special tickets. Like I said in a previous post, living in Indiana they told me they can't even GET Disneyland tickets but CAN get WDW tickets.

    My wife is heading to the AAA venue today to get their brochure and show it to them. If I have time tonight I'll take a snap of it and send it to you Disneyguy03.

    Thanks so much for all of your help and we aren't giving up yet.

    This is crazy!!!

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    Maybe we'll hear something!

    We decided to give it another try at our Iowa AAA office. We asked for the very same agent that we had before, because we at least wouldn't have to argue the "package" thing with her again. We had already persuaded her to our way of thinking last week. So we arrived at AAA and got the same agent as last week. She didn't bat an eye when we asked for the 3 + 2 days Passport Plus deal. But she insisted on dialing her own AAA Disney line, instead of the number that's listed above. After she sat on the phone, on hold for 30 minutes (I kid you not!), she took our credit card #, our name and phone, and billed us for the tickets. She said eventually someone would come on the line and she'd purchase our tickets. She said if no one ever comes on the line tonight, she'd call 1st thing in the morning. I wish she would have just called the number that was posted in the above message, but NOOOO! So maybe we'll hear from her, maybe not?? The total for the 2 tickets was $258.50. She tried to charge me the $13 for each ticket, but I corrected her. Geez! This sure is a fiasco, isn't it! But I guess good deals are worth fighting for! Keep fighting the Good Fight everybody!




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