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Thread: Annual Pass Holders get reserved seating at Disney's Aladdin

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    Annual Pass Holders get reserved seating at Disney's Aladdin

    I was just checking the website about the special showings of Aladdin and the Disneyland Website now states below the information on the special shoings that from January 18-February 28:
    "In addition, after these special performances, Annual Passholders will have a limited amount of reserved seats at each performance of this larger-than-life show from January 18 to the end of February. These seats will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis and a valid Annual Passport will be required to sit in this special reserved section. Visit the Hyperion Theater Ticket Podium on these days to get your reserved ticket to experience "Disney's Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular" "

    Man, when they decide to give us a treat they go all out, don't they?

    I just thought that everyone might like to know.

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    That's cool. Thanks for the update!

    I wonder what kind of seats they think are the best? They may know better where the best seats are and put us there. I'm curious to find out.

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    I'm going to the passholder show tommorow and I will ask then, but I bet they won't have heard of this new deal yet....heck, some of the CMs still hadn't heard about the pass holder nights as of Sat. and others thought it was only on Tues.
    So, we'll see what they say, hopefully I am wrong and they do know what is going on.

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    Tell them to look in their CM guides. It's amazing what kind of information is in there!

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    I just want to let everyone know that the "AP" preview was not the case today. I did not have a ticket and they had a standby line. They had the booth open for AP'ers to go to get their tickets. I heard no mention about a meet and greet. Unless they gave the AP'ers special instructions to do something after the show to meet the cast members.




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