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Thread: disneyland paris, january vs february

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    disneyland paris, january vs february

    can any one advise their opinion, this year we went february (mon to fri) 9th to 13th,

    however have noticed that on their old brouchers january seems to be cheaper than february,

    whats it like around this time is it busy? do they still have the xmas decorations the beginning of january? how crowded is it?

    is there any negatives to going in jan instead of feb, (no kids going just adults so we can handle the cold just about lol) the one thing that concerns is that we intend to go on eurostar this time (last time we flew in) does the bad weather stop the trains??

    also we are deciding which hotel depending on the price etc, stayed santa fe last time, which was fine for us, but am considering one of the nearer hotels like sequia lodge or if we can afford it the new york hotel, are the indoor pools open this time of the year??

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    I have gone to DL Paris in very early March--and the parks were empty. Really empty.

    But--it rained some of the time--and was cold. Some items were closed due to weather/season refurbishments.

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    Bad weather should not stop the trains unless the tracks somehow become damaged.

    Quote Originally Posted by mad4mky View Post
    But--it rained some of the time--and was cold. Some items were closed due to weather/season refurbishments.
    I think that's likely the key to price differences at that time of year. Some attractions close due to the cold weather. It can snow there in winter.

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    I was there Jan 4 - 8th this year. Picked those dates because there was a really good deal on the UK version of the website for the Disneyland Hotel - it was a pay for 2/3 get 3/4 nights/days free deal which made the DLH actually affordable. The hotel was full (and fabulous). The parks were busy but by no means crowded - i think the longest i waited for anything was about 15 minutes. the christmas decorations came down on the 6th so i got to see the park in both modes (to my mind, the decorations were kind of perfunctory - nothing like the courtyard of angels in NOS etc); ntl, beautiful.

    The thing to think about is weather; it was FREEZING - seriously unbelievably cold; about -8 Celsius the first two days, then it 'warmed up' the next two days and snowed non-stop. The problem was not so much the cold (although that was dreadful because a lot of the kids there were MISERABLE - being dragged around in the cold by parents determined to get their money's worth) as the slippery; the first couple of days there was ice all over, and the last couple of days it was snowing so all the queue areas were wet with melted snow. I spent the whole time creeping around like an old lady, annoyed with myself that i had not brought my snow boots. a lot of rides had to close down in the snow (alice's labyrinth, pirates lair etc), the river froze over (so the sailing ship closed obviously), and the roller coasters spent a lot of time down in the mornings while they tried to de-ice things. also the evening entertainment was cancelled every night i was there = too cold and slippery to risk the parades. However, I did get to see Candlebration on my last night (the 15th anniversary lighting of the castle) which was v beautiful, and the parades did go ahead on the non-snowing afternoons.

    I had a GREAT time - the park is gorgeous and its well built for the inclement weather, lots of under-cover walk ways etc, but I was inadequately prepared for the conditions. So, keep that in mind.

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