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Thread: What is an Ignore list? How do I ignore someone?

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    What is an Ignore list? How do I ignore someone?

    What is an Ignore list?

    The Ignore list is used for those people whose messages you do not wish to read. By adding someone to your Ignore list, messages posted by your ignored individuals are completely hidden when you read a thread - it's as if those posts were never added to the thread.

    Members on your Ignore list will not be able to send Private Messages to you.

    The ignore list is handy if some members irritate you; it's also a good way of staying calm without blowing your top when you know that you get upset by certain members regularly. However, keep in mind that putting a member on your ignore list means you may also miss out on certain portions of an ongoing discussion. Putting a member on your ignore list also does not remove portions of their text that are quoted by others.

    How can I ignore someone?

    How to add a MousePad member to your ignore list:
    1. Click the member's name next to a post by that member and select Add (member name) to your Ignore List from the menu.
    2. You will see a Yes/No question: "Are you sure you want to add (member name) to your ignore list?"
    3. Click Yes (or No)
    To remove someone from your ignore list:
    1. Open your own Profile by clicking the User CP menu at the top of any MousePad page. Your profile will open.
    2. Click Edit Ignore List on the left menu. Your Ignore List will display.
    3. Un-check the box associated with the member you want to un-ignore and click the Save Changes button.
    MousePad Moderators can "force" you to ignore another member by adding that person to your Ignore list. Members can not remove Moderator-added users from the Ignore list. This action is used as an alternative to banning members who simply can not co-exist on MousePad.

    Community Policies
    • It is inappropriate and a violation of our Community Policies to publicly state that you are putting someone on Ignore, or that someone is on your Ignore list. Don't do it.
    • If the moderators have added somone to your Ignore list, you are not to respond to, reply to, quote or reference - directly or indirectly - posts made by those members, or those members themselves.
    • Members who circumvent a moderator-imposed Ignore are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including permanent revocation of their MousePad account.
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