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Thread: Can't get lost in a small world.

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    Can't get lost in a small world.

    On my way into small world I was given a guide to the happiest cruise on earth.

    Disneyland is a work of love. We didn't go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money.
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    What does that mean?

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    I got a map of Jungle Cruise last time I was there. Is it kind of the same thing?

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    Outside of small world radio Disney was giving out guides to the ride.

    Disneyland is a work of love. We didn't go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money.
    Walt Disney


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    Looks like they are showing where the new characters were added. Cute.

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    well, unfortunately, this creation of a map to show you where the characters are only proves the point for all the naysayers out there about Imagineering and DIsney management's real purpose to place them there. We heard so much about how they would be placed in settings to match their country of origin and would not be blatantly promoted. and I bought it. Yes, I could easily find them but I thought it was not too bad (except america - SCARY).

    Well, Disney management proved me wrong. it IS all about the characters now. and if asked their explanation probably would be "some guests can't find all of them so we're just helping them out..." C'MON!

    i am now disenchanted with that whole process. One park indeed...

    "[Disneyland] has that thing - the imagination, and the feeling of happy excitement - I knew when I was a kid." - Walt Disney

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    One thing to me that's kind of disappointing is that the artwork on the map isn't in the Mary Blair style. Seems like a no brainer to me to make ALL artwork associated with Small World to look like Mary Blair did it.


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    I'm glad they handed out maps of where the new characters are at in the ride

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    I agree with drince, at least make them look like they belong in IASW, not like overstuffed plush toys.

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    I think this is very cute and very cool. do you think they will still be handing out maps at the end of april? thats when I will be there and I would really like one.

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    these maps just yell out: Focus on the characters, not the message Walt Disney originally intended for the ride.

    Heck, it seems like Disneyland just wants to get rid of the ride, but since its an original attraction at the park (original in a sense that walt brought it over from the world's fair and it had a special meaning to him), the closest thing they could do to it is butcher it.

    After riding it the first time as the "new" version, it was okay and i admit, i liked it. Most of the characters blended in pretty well (cinderella, timon, alice), but some just tore away from the ride (ariel, woody, donald). Now to put out these maps now just seem like they want the focus to be on disney today, not the ride walt disney created back in 1965...

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    Ten to one this isn't a permanent thing. They were put out by RadioDisney because they were there for the day.

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    I think some of you are making more of this than needs to be made, its just a map it lets people know where the new characters are and I think Walt made money and got a new ride for his park good business to me.

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    I was there this past weekend (MAN was it busy) and I got a map. I thought it was cute! I liked the addition of the characters and the refreshed dolls. The map kind of let me know who to look for. I wanted to ride again but the line was across the street cris-crossed probably 6 times so I opted out!

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    How cool can you get, I love new stuff at Disney and would love to get a map to show me the changes. Some people like to find it on their own but I am a show me person. I also am happy they upgraded a ride that was getting boring being the same old thing except to cool down in on hot days.

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    I keep Scratching my head every time I read comments about "its not what Walt woulda have wanted"... WHO KNOWS what Walt would have wanted he's dead! ( not said in a maliclious tone, just matter of fact!)

    He coulda been sick to death of the its a small world and torn out the attraction 20 years ago for all we know.

    Somtimes people on here toss out such elitist and snobby comments that it scares others away from posting their own comments.

    Radio Disney Handed out maps. If you dont like them dont get one! End of story!

    And to all that DO like them (non-purists I guess) I bet they were thrilled to get a free souviner Mary Blair style or not!

    I really dont like posting comments like this.... but sometimes I just get frustrated with the comments and disney snobbery on this board

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    I kind of agree with Carina. If everything stayed the same forever, there would be no reason for non-Disney geeks (like us lot) to go back to the parks. Change is inevitable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryanvalle View Post
    Heck, it seems like Disneyland just wants to get rid of the ride
    Yes, it's very obvious that Disney wants to get rid of the ride - that's why they spent a year and a ton of money refurbing it.

    As for the "original message", I'd bet that many people who go on the ride don't know that it's an original attraction or what Walt's "message" was. Unless you listen to the song, over and over again.

    Or maybe they think it's a tribute to Epcot - but without the food, and without Illuminations.
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    They were not passing out the maps when we were there, but I would have liked to have one, just as a souvenir.
    I also want to add that I love Mary Blair's art. Wanting a map doesn't change that.


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    I may be the ONLY one who likes the America room.
    It really fits in with frontier land IMO.

    I also LOVED the sea area too... nemo, little mermaid also was a favorite of mine. but I have been a It's a small world fan for years since i was very little!.

    We didn't have to spend a long time in line, we were able to use wheel chair access and the special boat for my grandma. and she LOVED it.. she was sitting there singing along.. she was disapointed when it was over.
    I can't wait to go on it again!!

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    I can't wait to see it next week!

    Planning 3 trips at once...

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    When I first saw the refurbed ride I didn't pick out a lot of the characters unless they were obvious (like Peter Pan and Tink). I was with a friend and we'd be almost past a character and he'd say "did you see Alice?"

    Personally I don't think the characters detract from the ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid View Post
    I got a map. I thought it was cute! I liked the addition of the characters and the refreshed dolls. The map kind of let me know who to look for.
    They handed us maps last weekend too and it just added to my family's fun. The kids made sure they knew were all the characters on the map were. My personal favorites were Tink and Peter Pan. They were adorable.

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    Those maps look adorable! It's a cute little "collector's item" for us crazy disney fans I wish I could've got one...oh wells, I'll try to ask for one the next time I go.

    I loved the ride back then when I was a little girl, and I STILL love the ride now.

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    I love how people take things out of context in order to prove their points, sometimes in rediculous matters. This is not proof of some subversive plot to destroy It's a Small World, it's a cheap gimmick to raise awareness of the changes they made. Disney has had cheap gimmicks for as long as I remember and there's nothing wrong with that, it's not hurting anything. For example. When the Sleeping Beauty's Castle walkthrough first opened they gave out booklets promoting the movie, When the Indiana Jones Adventure opened they gave out the Mara Glyph translator cards, heck in Autopia they still give out those cheesey drivers liscenses; this map is no different. They added some minor changes that doesn't drastically alter the ride experience and their raising awareness. It's that simple. Besides, if this was really some big conspiriacy you'd think they'd have a better idea than cheap paper maps.

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