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Thread: Boat from Downtown Disney to Port Orleans Riverside

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    Boat from Downtown Disney to Port Orleans Riverside

    Can anyone ride the boat from DTD to POR?

    Here's the deal...we have a week booked for POR in August, but we will be in the Melbourne area this spring. I, being the Disney freak I am, thinks how can you be in FL and not do something Disney? My DH thinks we don't need the extra expense since we will be there in we compromised...DTD!

    I was hoping we could ride the boat over and check out POR. We have never stayed there so I was hoping we could check it out and get a sneak preview for August.

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    When we last were there, they weren't checking room keys ... but that is not always the case. You can always go and try.

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    I took it once because I wanted to check out French Quarters for a future trip and we were staying offsite. They didn't check.

    The only time I ever got "kicked off" the boat was when we tried just going for a boat ride and we didn't get off at Downtown Disney. They made us get off.


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    Plus, if you can't get on a boat, i believe there is a bus that runs from DTD or the Port Orleans Resorts.

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    You shouldn't have any trouble. We've taken the boat to and from DTD to Port Orleans numerous times while staying there and we've never been asked to present a room key or seen anyone else have to for that matter.


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    I wanted to state, only because I was there exactly a year ago the end of the month that they boats are closed early some days this time of year and they stop running if it is really poor weather out. We went to DTD on three different nights during out stay and twice found the boats not working when we returned to use them. But you will not have any trouble getting on them, they did not check room keys or anything. If they close down you will have to take a bus. Oh we loved the POR, we stayed a few days in the Mansion, the closest to the POFQ and then a week in the Bayou side. We liked the Bayou side better, but that is because I am legally blind and found it closer to the front and buses and such, not because the rooms were better or anything. We liked both sides, for room.

    Here is a little helpful hint for staying at POR, I hear so many people complain about all sorts of things with Disney but we found that a little kindness goes a very long way. Although they can be very frustrating at the time be patient and tell the front people that you will be happy to wait it something goes wrong and you want them to change something. Here is out experience, we arrived at 12 midnight from DLE to POR, they could not find our ressies, after 30 or more minutes with a 3 yo asleep in my arms that late at night, she handed me a room key, with no payment or no credit card on file and told me to come back in the morning. I thought that was nice. When the room did not meet our needs, to far away since I am blind, they said they could not changed them now but if I left everything in suitcases and not unpack they would move us when they could, the next day we went to the park (which was our 2nd day there), they moved everything to the best of rooms that we could have asked for, did not charge us a higher fee for the room and gave us vouchers for something (I think popcorn or something in the park), when my granddaughter lost her pen that we just bought at another disney hotel they sent it over to POR and then when we left because they could not find it they mailed it to the house. We had lots of little problems along the way but with a okay, see what you can do and no arguements they fixed everything up just great and was great to us. I noticed others made and raising there voices, because of this or that and I can't say for sure but it did not seem they got what they wanted, we politely stated what we wanted, asked them to do there best and walked away and they always did the best for us. (They got us seating at shows when I tried for weeks and could not get them, they gave us meals back when we stated that the food was not great at such and such, they moved our room, mailed our pen, and many things with a simple smile and a good day, I thought they were great).

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    I totally agree! The "Disney" people aren't perfect, but whenever there has been a problem while we were there, they have done their best to fix it!

    I am glad you enjoyed POR. I hope to be there in August! Keep your fingers crossed!

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    POR is one of our favorite places, second only to Boardwalk. It was the first on-site stay for us, many years ago when it was Dixie Landings. I don't think I've seen a key check anywhere on Disney transportation in the last 15 years.



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