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Thread: Best place for 8 year olds birthday dinner?

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    Best place for 8 year olds birthday dinner?

    Hi all...

    When we go to Disney this year, we'll be there for my Son's 8th birthday. Actually, its our first full day there. So we want to go somewhere nice for dinner where we can celebrate. We also will have our 4 year old daughter... At this point, Chef Mickey's is in the lead for dinner. Both kids are picky eaters... Any other suggestions?

    What will the parks/hotels do for him for his birthday?? We're going to do some other stuff with my daughter (like the BBBotique) so she doesn't feel left out. But my son is having a rough year this year, and I want to really do something cool for him that day...


    PS: We're staying at teh Animal Kingdom Lodge, if it matters.

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    My kids all love Chef Mickey's. We also love 50's Prime Time and both have been very good about birthday celebrations. We always go for my oldest daughters birthday (it just works out that way, hers is in April, the other 2 are in the summer and right after Christmas) and she got more individualized attention for her birthday at the Prime Time. At Chef Mickey's, they do a generic birthday celebration for everyone that is celebrating and the birthday boy or girl gets a cupcake and a placemat.
    I actually just called today to make my ADR's and the guy I got was terrific. I am assuming Disney is going all out with their What Will You Celebrate because we are celebrating all 3 kids birthdays twice, early Mothers Day, my birthday, family tradition breakfast, and home cooked meal.

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    I think they have free pins you can get in the parks saying it is his birthday like the first time pins. I think it is Guest Services or something like that.

    Also, I'm pretty sure when you make the ADR they will ask if you are celebrating anything, if they don't you can just tell them that it is his birthday, not sure exactly what they do.

    Have fun!

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    You can get Happy Birthday pins at Guest Services at each park.

    We have celebrated numerous birthdays at Walt Disney World, and our absolute favorite one was at the Prime Time Cafe; our server made a big fuss over her 'little sister' who was having the birthday and insisted that all the 'cousins' in the immediate area not only sing to her but also sign her birthday card. When we read it later, it was hilarious!!

    It was outstanding.

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    Our favorite for the birthday celebrations is Whispering Canyon. They do some pretty strange things with birthdays. We saw them tie up one guy! Alot of fun.

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    Well, I asked my 7-year-old and he said that Chef Mickey's would be the best place for a birthday celebration.

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    I'm gonna go with Chef Mickey's as well We're celebrating my stepdaughter's 7th birthday this coming Spring, and we're going to CRT for lunch and Chef Mickey's for a late dinner. We're ordering her a Mickey head cake as well, so we figured there'd be some cute photo ops there with her and her cake, and maybe a character or two.

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    Birthdays at WDW are the best! At MK, Pecos Bills and Cosmic Rays will usually give the birthday button wearer a free dessert! At every table service place I have been to, the birthday person gets a free cake and sometimes a card signed by characters, and of course they sing to you. Whispering Canyon Cafe does different things for birthday people.



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