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Thread: Need help in a $1 Million diollar Charity quest

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    Need help in a $1 Million diollar Charity quest

    I happen to be a expert, and we are trying to get enough votes to raise $1 million for 5 very worthy charities.

    Conservation International
    Doctors without Borders
    National Geographic Society
    The Nature Conservancy
    Save the Children

    All you need to do is go to this link, and vote for the one charity you prefer.

    Just go to this link and vote...

    Thanks in advance for your vote!

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    I just voted for Doctors without Borders.

    See what my son made for me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsGrumpy View Post
    I just voted for Doctors without Borders.
    Great Taste, that is my favorite too!

    Actually know a couple of Doctors and Nurses that donate their time to the cause.

    Of course, folks should still vote for their own favorite!

    Once again, thanks for voting.
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    Thanks for the opportunity DarkBeer. With all of the (neck)ties that my dad, brother and husband have between them, I had to vote for Save The Children!

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    Just found this thread - great idea Darkbeer.

    Another vote for Doctors without Borders here. Hard choice, they're all worthy, but I also know two docs that participate and I know the good work they do!


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    Voted! Can you vote more than once?

    Have a Disney Day!
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