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Thread: How do I read spoiler text? How to I use spoiler tags?

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    How do I read spoiler text? How to I use spoiler tags?

    In some forums such as the Entertainment General forum, some members may wish to discuss things about a brand new movie. In order to prevent readers from reading spoilers about a movie they have yet to see, we have enabled a "spoiler" tag feature.

    Reading tagged spoilers

    Spoilers are hidden in an outlined box, with a button labeled "Spoiler" appearing above it. To read a spoiler, just click the "Spoiler" button. Note that you must have JavaScript enabled in your Web browser for this to work.

    This is a test of a spoiler.

    Posting tagged spoilers

    To write a message within a tagged spoiler, you use the [SPOILER]...[/SPOILER] tag. The [SPOILER] tag goes at the beginning of your text, and you end your text with [/SPOILER]. Or, you can type the text you want to include in a spoiler box, highlight it and click the button in the post editor.
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