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Thread: Support Team MousePlanet in the 2008 CHOC/Disneyland Resort Walk in the Park

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    Support Team MousePlanet in the 2008 CHOC/Disneyland Resort Walk in the Park

    Show your support for Children's Hospital Orange County and join Team MousePlanet at the 2008 CHOC/Disneyland Resort Walk in the Park on Sunday, October 19th. We currently have 13 registered Walkers, and welcome anyone to join us. To walk with Team MousePlanet, register on the CHOCWalk event Web site using THIS LINK.

    (If you are already registered to walk or register through the Participant Registration form, you can add yourself to our team using a drop-down selection bar from the "Team Selection" page. Team names are listed alphabetically in the menu and we are listed as "Team MousePlanet.")

    Team MousePlanet has set a fundraising goal of $3655.55, and we've raised $1510.00 to date.

    If you can't join us for the walk, there are two ways to contribute to Team MousePlanet:

    1) Register yourself as a "Sleeping Bear" - someone who is raising or donating at least $50, but won't be walking. If you register as a "Sleeping Bear" you can have other people sponsor you, too!

    2) Pledge a donation to one of the members of Team MousePlanet who will be walking. Even though Team MousePlanet is registered as a team for CHOC Walk, CHOC does not have a way for readers to donate directly to teams. Instead, pledges are made to the individual members of a team. This allows each team member to qualify for prizes based on the amount they raise, and also counts toward the overall team rank.

    Six Team MousePlanet walkers have agreed to make their information public, so you can choose one of them and follow the link below to pledge a contribution to their fund:

    Adrienne Krock

    Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix

    Charles Harding

    Helga Bergthold

    Janell Gomboc

    Wendy Dunlap

    For more information about CHOC, the children they care for and the annual CHOC Walk, visit the event Web site.

    However you contribute, thank you for supporting Team MousePlanet and Children's Hospital Orange County!

    Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix

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