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Realityland's David Koenig

Next Stop for First Aid

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Disneyland employees upset that they’re losing the last of their lockers ( and that Cast Member First Aid has cut back on its hours ( have just learned that the park is making it even tougher on workers who get injured: Cast Member First Aid will relocate to the lockers’ more distant second-story location above Cash Control.

The lockers will shut down July 16, and an elevator will be added to ease access to the new first aid facility. Taking over Cast Member First Aid’s current prime location on the first floor of the old Administration building will be a branch of Partners Federal Credit Union. Speculation among the ranks is that the credit union is getting the better spot because it generates revenue, unlike a first aid station or lockers.

“Cast members will have to walk farther,” said one worker. “And, Cash Control Alley is a narrow avenue, so I am finding it hard to believe that all the delivery vehicles, company vehicles, and if you throw in paramedics, you can guess what a mess it can be. No vehicle can make a u-turn in that street. Back up all the way out or do a three-point turn.”

Perhaps, employees should feel fortunate that Disneyland isn’t moving Cast Member First Aid to the Honda Center, where many fear they’ll be parking their cars after the forced auto relocations of June 17 and June 24.

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  1. olegc's Avatar
    unbelievable.... could it not be viewed by CalOSHA or others as making it difficult for employees to obtain first aid when necessary? making it almost dangerous in true emergencies? hate to say it, but will it take a cast member fatality, or near fatality, from the 1st aid area to make the changes? What will the minions of TDA do then - point fingers? Don't want to see Columbia all over again.