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Take a Ride with Imagineer Bob Gurr

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The memoirs of veteran Imagineer Bob Gurr—the designer of the original Autopia cars, Monorails, and countless other vehicle-based Disneyland attractions—have just rolled off the press. Alas, those presses are located in Hong Kong, so we’ll have to wait about four more weeks before the first printing arrives in the U.S.

The shipment includes 2,000 books, including 1,000 signed-and-numbered collectors’ editions, the majority of which are already sold out. Pre-order your copy of “Design: Just for Fun” quick at (Bob is setting aside #614 for me!)

Bob had several niche publishers interested in putting out his book, but he knew exactly what he wanted, so decided to set up his own company, GurrDesign Publishing, to oversee the project. He hired experts to handle the technicalities of layout, proofreading, and production, and even had Dave Smith check all Disney nomenclature for exact terminology.

Fortunately, Bob’s an exacting, technical-minded fellow. “It took eight separate proofs between every stage to get it right,” he says. “Even for the final final final check I had to go thru 420,000 characters to ferret out eight computer artifacts from the printer’s electronic file!”

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