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3 Days!

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The last six weeks went by really fast, so I am hoping the next three days won't be that long...but I just have a feeling they are going to be the longest days!

I've been watching the weather and it looks like they'll be a small rain storm the days we're there with Friday getting the most of it with a 50% chance of rain and then Saturday a 30% chance of scattered showers. I'm praying for no rain, but packing the ponchos just in case we need them. The only good thing about the rain is it will ward off the local AP holders and maybe keep the business down from the tourists.

At any rate, I've started packing - got all my clothes and JT has promised he will pack his clothes Tuesday night.

The only thing left to really do is pack up JT's clothes and then the toiletries -which I'll pack the night before and the morning of (after I use them ha).

Going to try and go to sleep early the next few nights so we can be as well rested as possible.

Pray for no rain!

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