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Back from ComiCon...

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Had a wonderful weekend in Seattle for the ECCC, however, it made me realize I am a picky travel buddy.

Going on that mini trip to Seattle really made me get excited to take my real vacation to Disneyland NEXT WEEK (JUST REALIZED IT'S NEXT WEEK!).

I already got out the BIG suitcase, to which JT asked - is that big enough?! When I told him - Yes, there's enough room for our stuff plus room to bring back things he responded "Well, I don't know - I'm not a traveler!!"

I also got too anxious and packed up the snacks for each day (with the help of JT) and threw them in the bag.

Tonight we'll make our Friday shirts (his) I asked... (mine) ..I said Yes!

Tonight I'll also pack up the clothes we won't be wearing in the next week for the trip.

Speaking of shirts - JT had a great idea while at the craft store. He would have a black shirt (like a tux) and I would have a white shirt (like a wedding gown). Very cute! Don't worry though - I'll be wearing a black tank underneath so when we go on wet rides no one will see through my shirt, haha.

We also got fabric pens for the characters (or other people) to sign their congrats/autographs.

I'm excited to see the reactions we get!

There's only a few major details we have yet to close:

JT needs GOOD walking shoes!
I have my TOMS for Thurs/Fri when we won't be at the parks the entire time and then my good Nike's for Saturday 7am-12pm.

We might have to make a trip to th Woodburn outlet store Saturday...

I'll be sure to post pictures tomorrow of our shirts!

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